Fabrication de Liqueur d'Orange

Here comes the sun ! Welcome to the roaring 20s

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Fabrication de Liqueur d'Orange

<p><strong>A premium quality orange liqueur made from fruit from the C&ocirc;te d&#39;Azur</strong></p> <p><strong>The project in detail</strong></p> <p>Soleia; The&nbsp;sun is shining&nbsp;in nissard, (the language of Nice), is made from&nbsp; oranges from the C&ocirc;te d&acute;Azur. The taste quality lies in the use of natural ingredients from the region, untouched by any artificial treatment. The aim is to promote agricultural activity in the region. The company is part of the terroir and aims to enhance this natural environment. The visual Art-Deco style marks the arrival of the new 20s decade&nbsp; and celebrates the influence the Roaring Twenties left on our beautiful &nbsp;city.</p> <p>The first idea behind Soliea is to create a drink with a strong Nice identity that tourists will associate with the region of their vacation. With an 89% satisfaction rate posted, the Nice label is a seller. As an an example, tourists to Venice discovered the Spritz in their travel guides around 2010. A few years later the Spritz traveled to terraces around the world.</p> <p>The second idea is to provide epicurean affectionados with a liqueur that captures the taste of exceptional oranges from the Nice region. By this aspect, we hope to attract the attention of the cocktail and mixology world.</p> <p>For your contributions</p> <p>&euro; 15 donation = 1 bottle of Soleia&nbsp;</p> <p>&euro; 72 donation =&nbsp; 6 bottles of Soleia&nbsp;</p> <p>&euro; 120 donation =&nbsp;12 bottles&nbsp;of Soleia&nbsp;</p>

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<p>The equipment, which represents a budget of 35 k &euro;, :</p> <p>5 vats of 10 hectoliters, fruit cutting machine, press, capsule crimper, cold room, preparation room and a van.</p> <p>The raw material for the first year of production amounts to 22.3 k :</p> <p>&euro; 3000 kg of&nbsp; oranges from the C&ocirc;te d&#39;Azur region + sugar + alcohol.</p>

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