Oriboard: La planche à découper origami multifonctionnelle

Help us give life to the Oriboard, your new companion soon indispensable in your kitchen.

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Oriboard: La planche à découper origami multifonctionnelle

The Oriboard is the new generation of cutting board to prepare faster, better and with mor fun your favorite meal.

It's a revolutionary multifunctional cutting board !

The Oriboard allows to cut, rinse, drain, pour, grate and decap ... avoiding the use of many utensils. The Oriboard fits easily, enters the dishwasher and is very easy to wash.



Today, you may need to prepare your favorite meal using all these things on the picture below. Afterwards, you may have to clean all this stuff. This is how the idea of the ORIBOARD was born, to help you to cook faster, easier, healthier and with more fun.

Now with a knife and a simple spoon, you will only need the ORIBOARD to prepare your favorite daily meal ! This new origami-like product will also definitely finally change the way you cook.















I made hundreds of drawings and dozens of prototypes to finalize this form.




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Hello ! My name is Yannick HESCH. I am the inventor of the Oriboard and your servant for this project;) Congratulations and thank you for reading the project so far. I am a designer, originally from Lyon and live in Mâcon. After a baccalaureate, I studied mechanical engineering and production in Villeurbanne, then at the European Institute of Design in Toulon and finally at the School of Art in Salford (School of Arts) in England (Greater Manchester ). I obtained a Master of Sciences in Industrial Design in 2002. After more than 15 years in communication agencies, I launched myself in independent in 2017. For more information on my activities, do not hesitate to consult my site Internet: www.hesch.fr
Regarding the Oriboard project: The project was a great success during the presentation of a first prototype during the Invention Fair of the Metropolis of Lyon in January 2018. The Oriboard was also rewarded by a very beautiful Bronze Medal of the Competition of the Invention organized

I am looking for ways to finance the production of the Oriboard. And why not thanks to you and KissKissBankBank ?

Everything depends only on you!

Zunik is a registered trademark and the name of the structure that will carry the project. Zunik will distribute and sell the Oriboard. This structure will also aim to develop other projects of this type later.

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The funds raised on Kisskisskbankbank will be used to finance the production of the Oriboards and the necessary tools.

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