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“Work differently, live in dignity and grow old serenely”

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Oui Ensemble



"Let's Age Long and Well Together"?

Many question and are uneasy with the lack of well-being, coupled with disorder in society and uncertainty about their futures.

Moreover, everyone agrees that we need twice as much creative ingenuity to bring about a societal renewal and to cope with the impact of worldwide ageing by 2050. This is the guiding principle for our actions.


2050 is near !

We meet this societal challenge

Is it possible?

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Project summary

Further description of "Oui Ensemble" (in French)


Who are we?

According to custom, let us introduce ourselves. In this instance I am just a director. This storyboard may only succeed thanks to directly and indirectly-supporting members, pooling together their convictions, motivations, qualities and competences. I can say this, especially since I became conscious of the prominent contribution of some private and professional close relatives who joined the action and committed their skills.

Join the pioneering multi-competent team (in French) 


Waar dient de collecte voor



We appeal to you, citizens! Bringing this inclusive development project about, requests a Human Resources organisational platform.

Our business model is duplicatable in accordance with every country regulation. We moving forward to get financial supports, inter alia European experimental 3-year programme.

Simultaneously we appeal to you in order to share our experimentation on French territory. Our citizen request relies on reciprocal trust and mutual interest values.

What use for the fundraising?

Implementing our data-processing system (IT) proceeds through 4 stages.

  • 5 000€ to design stage 1:

A “showcase” website gathers stakeholders through communication.

A few tens informative webpages to understand the project and project your designs into the future: news about the development and starting point for ecosystem interactions.

  • 15 000€ to design stage 2:

A “community website portal” organises the "Oui Ensemble" approach implementing community (partners, volunteer and paid entrepreneur members, financers, influencer actors, …).

A much more complex website administrating individual accounts. It opens access to files and specific data and information, discussion forums, amendment mechanisms…

  • 30 000€ to design stage 3:

An administration platform, in its priming version, manages all activities and operational interactions for the "Oui Ensemble" organisation stakeholders. 

A very complex website integrating functions linked to Human Resources, prospection, follow-up of customers (CRM), planning and follow-up processes of activities (ERP) management. Developing this first priming version sketches the designing of "Oui Ensemble" experimental network-based IT platform to come.

  • 50 000€ to 100 000€ to design stage 4:

Increase of the management platform capabilities.

This stage fine-tunes different professions processes. It gradually tweaks the necessary platform ergonomics, performance, and efficiency to accompany the rise in power of "Oui Ensemble" framework, made of various groups in many local territories.



Our fundraising, inter alia European ones, will complement our needs. Indeed, this IT platform is very much more than a software device. Our innovative, inclusive and cross-cultural Human Resources (HR) governance constitutes a genuine added-value by enhancing human resources. Its designing weaves together the organisation platform result with its on-the-field experimentation.




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