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Pages Works: Opening

Page Works is a collaborative editorial structure that aims to publish unique projects through three-dimensional and artisanal objects in small print runs.

Page Works wants to give young artists the opportunity and a platform for a first publication, and engages in long term collaborations. With a production defined by received propositions and invited artists, the publications mainly focus on photography, art, everyday and popular culture.


The specificities of each projects result from a tight collaboration between the artists and the editorial structure, where books are thought as a medium to connect a certain range of readers with the artistic projects. Therefore, directions are most of the time decided collectively, and the printed matter as a coherent and sensible result of these researches. For some other more "concrete" propositions, it's about using the printed matter as a more simple display system, still in conversation with the artists.

A particular attention is placed on every volume’s materiality and on their quality of object-book: thus, the quality of the "container" is considered at the same level than the quality of the content. Books are thought as complete objects and assume the decorative aspect their social and material status attributes to them.

Page Works also wants to adapt to the wave of disruptive innovation brought by mobility uses and related modes of reading, in order to focus attention on the physical, printed dimension and on the nomadic and exploratory contemporary reading characteristics, giving books a universal accessibility.

Books are printed in small runs and hand-bound. Such a production allows us to control quite a large range of the designing process, which gives us a certain independence in the making and in the treatment of each considered subject.

Who’s Page Works?

Page works is the association of Hugo Roger and Manon Donckier de Donceel, students in a Type Media Master degree and in a Paper and Book

Design Bachelor degree at Visual Art School of la Cambre (Brussels, Belgium).
First collaborations with Small Editions, Sun Publications (NY, US), Charlotte Stuby (Grafische Cel, BE) […] made us willing to pursue and create a publishing platform concerning our own network of collaborations.  In 2018, we designed a dozen of books that helped us to research the structural and material aspects of printed matters, and to try the functioning of our brand new team.



The opening

We will be exposed at the Kanal - Centre Pompidou (Brussels) for the second half of June. This event seems to be the right place for us to officially launch Pages Works, revealing the public our first publications at the same time.

A dozen publications (now under development) will be exhibited in a deliberately commercial space, playing with the usually authoritarian and cold appearances of environments dedicated to the books consultation and sales.

We’re already in touch with printers, paper suppliers, curators, web developer, people in charge with the exhibition installation, and of course the artists. The only, but yet essential thing we’re still missing today is the necessary complementary funds to achieve this project.

That is why we need you today, and ask for you help to allow this project to come to life, begining by the half of June (14th).



Waar dient de collecte voor

The raised amount will finance the first books production ; which implies the paper purchase and the print of around 15 copies for each volume, as well as the catalogue that will present this whole seasonal production of Page Works.

An other part of the funding will allow us to develop the communication of the editorial structure through web design, a photography campaign and a complete visual identity.

We also need a budget to set up the exhibition space at the Kanal - Centre Pompidou where the audience will meet the projects for the fist time. We’d like to create a complete space (furnitures, structures, prints), still in collaboration with the artist where they’ll be showcased.

If you help us more than expected, the extra budget will allow us to boost the production of the first books and/or to finance our next projects.


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