Paint & Portray

Create your own artwork! Upload your favorite picture, choose your style and let our Artists at Montmartre paint your picture ...

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Paint & Portray

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As if you would stroll down the cobblestone streets of picturesque "Montmartre”, its art galleries, painting studios and the lively “Place du Tertre”, where for decades, internationally known Artists, like Picasso, have been living and painting.

Unique in the world with over 10 million visitors every year, though we are conscious that not everyone can travel so far. [T. Elisabeth]: "For example, my elderly aunt in Germany, who cannot travel anymore, was so happy to receive a painting of her church ...". This is how "Paint & Portray" was born, to bring Montmartre to her doorstep!

Have a timeless portrait of yourself, a priceless gift for your dear ones, or an unforgettable moment captured in a beautiful painting. Upload your picture, choose your reference painting/style (the “to-be-like-this”) and let our Artists translate it into a magical piece of Art...

For Kissbankers : as rewards, we will paint your favorite picture according to the style of your choice. You can select:

  • among 4 different painting styles (a caricature portrait, an oil painting, a miniature ink painting and an origami painting)
  • or Coupons to chose any painting style you like in the Gallery on our Website

We will contact you at the end of the Campaign to upload your picture and start painting for you.

Compared to the traditional way of buying a painting already created by an Artist, we let the customer select his own motive and the painting style, thus being creative himself, and we leave the Artist the freedom of artistic interpretation, unfolding the motive into a personalized artwork, in his own unique style.

With this, our vision is to create a new form of buying paintings where part of the creativity process is shifted from the artist to the “consumer”. We see the home of a person decorated with paintings which all have a special meaning to him, where he had chosen himself the motive and style of painting …

1. The Artists

  • Over 25 Artists active at Montmartre are collaborating in this project, who are originally from over 15 different countries, well-known in several continents and with many years of expositions. You can meet them in person at Montmartre.
  • We believe it is important to keep the artistic spirit alive, its individualism and diversity, in a market nowadays where anonymous mass re-production of paintings is growing.

2. Variety of Styles

  • There are already more than 60 reference paintings, each with a unique style, covering a panoply of techniques and options.
  • We put the accent on “artistic interpretation” instead of “exact re-production” and on choosing a concrete reference painting/style instead of just choosing an artist like on other websites.
  • The paintings vary from gift ideas of 50€ to masterpieces of over 1.000€; true art made affordable since we do not have any costly gallery facility/staff. Note that painting from a picture requires more time and concentration, which results in a higher price.

3. Interactive & international

  • The website has an interactive design with an animated Gallery
  • Truly global, the website is already translated in 4 languages.
  • As a fun add-on, people can have their painting printed on downloadable wish cards or gift items such as mugs, bag etc.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The Paint & Portray website went live on August 1st 2019, and has shipped its first paintings ordered on the website (see testimonials on our website). We seek funding for our first Milestone of our “Market Launch” phase.

Milestone 1 : 3.000€

  • Art is Humanitarian - we believe that the painting of someone or something you love brings happiness. The funds will be used for 15 free Paintings for elderly, sick, poor people or Charity associations as an humanitarian act (we pay for shipping fees). We will include your names as donators when sending the paintings and publish on our website the story of those people (average 200€ / painting) = 3.000€

Milestone 2 : 6.000€

  • Art is Inter-cultural: the funds will be used for adding 6 languages which we cannot cover through our network of translating friends (500€ /language) = 3.000€

Milestone 3 : 9.000€

  • Art is Worldwide: exporting Montmartre into the homes of the world, the funds will be used for mailing potential customers in 20 countries through buying email lists (150€ /country list) = 3.000€.

"Paint & Portray" is part of "Fitdance Avenue", a private limited company created in 2018 and located at 14 avenue de l'Opéra, 75001 Paris. Focused on the artistic world, Fitdance Avenue develops a series of themed online platforms, to support the exchange for painters, writers, musicians, dancers, and many more, whether it is their profession, passion, hobby or dream project ...

The company has been founded by T. Elisabeth Lam (founder) and Dominique Dagois (associate partner). Both have been working in IT consulting at IBM/HP and leverage their knowledge of technology and commerce to promote art in today’s digital era.

[T. Elisabeth]: "I painted myself when I was student but never made the step to live my passion as a profession. I’m happy I can live it now, through this project, promoting great paintings and great artists. Dominique, too, loves Art, and spends his free time at galleries and museums …”



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