Paris - Busan : Regards Croisés

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Paris - Busan : Regards Croisés

<p dir="ltr"> For the 5th year running, academic exchanges between Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University (France) and Dong Eui University (South Korea) need you to be strengthened ! </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Who_are_we-1423819184" src=""></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> We are 32 Master Cultures et Métiers du Web students at Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée University. A web documentary is currently in progress in close cooperation with South Korean students from the Film &amp; Visual Media Technology Department at Don Eui University (Busan). Its main themes are focused around the changes of the South Korean society and its opening to the outside world.</p> <p dir="ltr"> We have chosen a web documentary to offer you a unique experience as well as a wide diversity of contents including pictures, photographs, texts and videos. The screenplay becomes more interactive and the interpretation is more customized. The Internet surfer picks what he or she wants to watch. Far from stereotypes and popular believes, this web documentary is an opportunity to immerse yourself even more into the South Korean culture.</p> <p dir="ltr"> Nevertheless, your contribution is needed for us to go to South Korea.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Converging_views-1423819280" src=""></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> Students have worked out different themes with the help of the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS). Our web documentary will make you dive into the following topics:</p> <p dir="ltr"> South Koreans’ relations to their bodies and plastic surgeries</p> <p dir="ltr"> South Korean restaurants in Paris</p> <p dir="ltr"> Is South Korean cuisine the next global cuisine?</p> <p dir="ltr"> Korean language and civilization students</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Take_part_project-1423819659" src=""></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> Make a donation and give a meaning to our project. It will allow us to shoot and make our film directly on the South Korea ground.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Map_tigre-1423749642" src=""></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> Out of the total of 6 200 miles separating Paris from Busan, your donation will foster the association of our two universities. The aim of our project is to share their academic expertise and know-how. This amazing cultural and human adventure will be made possible only if you participate; we need you to make our dream come true! </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <a href="" target="_blank">&gt;&gt; See our travel diary &lt;&lt;</a></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p dir="ltr"> Your donation will be funding a part of the trip fees, including:</p> <p dir="ltr"> Cultural outings and sightseeing’s: visit of a traditional temple, visits of Busan and Jinju harbors, etc.</p> <p dir="ltr"> Korean restaurants and street food: discovery of traditional and modern South Korean cuisine</p> <p dir="ltr"> Local means of transportation: train connections between Seoul and Busan, bus connections to historical and famous places</p> <p dir="ltr"> If we raise more than € 5,000, we can even plan to visit Jeju island and make it a part of our web documentary. You surely want to help us discover its beautiful sea, volcanoes and Dol hareubangs statues.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Partners-1423819803" src=""></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> Île-de-France region</p> <p dir="ltr"> French Institute of Seoul</p> <p dir="ltr"> French Alliance of Busan</p> <p dir="ltr"> School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS)</p> <p dir="ltr"> Film &amp; Visual Media Technology Departement of Dong Eui University (Busan)</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> If you wish to, your contribution will lead to a complimentary gift. Payment by credit card is secure and KissKissBankBank guarantees the protection of your personal data. If the total amount is not reached, your contribution will be automatically refunded in full. If the fundraising exceeds our great expectations, we have amazing surprises in store for your valuable help, in addition to the web documentary.</p> <p dir="ltr"> If you need any further information, please contact us @ <a href=""></a> </p>



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For profesionnal donors : your name will appear in the web documentary. You will also be invited to the premiere of the web documentary as co-producer.

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