Help Paris DJs press 15 CDs of all their albums & compilations, collected in 3 boxsets beautifully illustrated by graphic artist Ben Hito.

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After two successful crowdfunding campaigns gathering some of our greatest tunes on vinyl, we've prepared a brand new project assembling nearly ALL OUR ALBUMS & COMPILATIONS in three 5-CDs BOXSETS, designed by our graphic illustrator Ben Hito.


All those long players were already released digitally, but with the volatility of hard drives and smartphones, we really wanted to have them out physically.


We thought some luxuriously-designed & budget-priced CD boxsets were a cool solution: more Paris DJs goodies for you to collect; marvelous physical objects to use with CD players at home, at the office, in cars, in planes, etc.; beautiful Ben Hito-designed boxes to make your friends jealous; astonishing Paris DJs selections of music from today!


...But we're still just us, artisans of the audiovisual world, self-distributed. So the only solution we've got right now to keep on putting out our BPMs (Beautiful Products, Manufactured) is to go through a pre-order/subscription process.


Basically, we need 100 pre-orders on a boxset to launch its pressing... so we gathered all 3 boxsets in this new crowdfunding campaign, hoping you'll like the project and support it so that it my become real.





Now let's have a look at the boxsets themselves...




First one is a REGGAE BEAT BOX, called "Paris DJs Soundsystem presents The Dancehall, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae & Ska Experience"


5 hours of authentic Jamaican soul & grooves!


The Paris DJs Soundsystem's compilation "Dis Is Reggae Soul" plus four full-length albums with legendary Jamaican singer Carlton Livingston, deejay The Lone Ranger, and harmony vocal groups The Silvertones or The Jays, recorded in Kingston and Paris by French producer Grant Phabao.


Contains 5 CDs in carboard sleeve :


Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston - Bridge Of Life

Grant Phabao & The Lone Ranger - Sweet Talking

Grant Phabao & The Silvertones - Keep On Rolling

Grant Phabao & The Jays - Stepping Up In Time

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dis Is Reggae Soul Vol.1






Second one is an AFRO BEAT BOX, called "Paris DJs Soundsystem presents The Afrofunk International & Tropical Grooves Experience"


5 conceptual compilations with various strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul, Carribean Funk and other Tropical Grooves from all over the world. All new & exclusive tracks from the best Afro bands today hand-picked by the Paris DJs Soundsystem gang of curators.


Contains 5 "Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International" CDs in carboard sleeve :


Vol.1 - Dis Is Good For You

Vol.2 - We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind

Vol.3 - Rise Of The Troubadours Warriors

Vol.4 - Have you Ever Been To Electric Afroland ?

Vol.5 - A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand






Third one is a FUNKY BEAT BOX, called "Paris DJs Soundsystem presents The Authentic Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz & Soul Experience"


5 funky & soulful compilations digging into today's international scene. Expect psychedelic hip hop, jazzy rhymes, dancefloor funk, cinematic soul, heavy heavy heavy tunes all along from various atmospheres, vibes & moods. All new & exclusive tracks hand-picked by Paris DJs' crew.


Contains 5 CDs in carboard sleeve :


Take The Chains Off Your Brains - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves

Spirituality & The Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind-Bending Poetry

Killas, Thrillas & Chillas - Foot Stompers & Freaky Soul Vol.1

Massive Hits From The Grant Phabao Factory Vol.1

Heavyweight Gambit, No Holds Barred! - Foot Stompers & Freaky Soul Vol.2




We've also asked Ben Hito to design 3 ORIGINAL T-SHIRTS to go along with those boxsets.

We'll only print a very limited run of each, something like 50 pieces, so if you want to get yourself one of those, now's the time and tomorrow's already too late.




Shipping costs, t-shirt(s) size and special orders !!

Don't forget to add the shipping costs to your contribution. We tried to calculate them fair. We'll also need the address to send your package to once we get the boxset pressed and the shirts manufactured.


If in Paris (or planning to be in Paris in the coming months), don't add any shipping costs, instead get in touch and let us know at which record store you'd want us to leave your selection, or come give us a visit.


If you've picked a t-shirt we'll need your size (S, M, L, XL, XXL), model (Men or Women) and color (standard is black, but you can ask for another). Tshirts are Sol's IMPERIAL (full info here).


If you want a very special order only for you or for a special present to someone (a sweatshirt, totebag, a special color, etc.), don't hesitate to get in touch we'll see what we can do.


Note that the artworks presented here are not the definitive works, but nearly finished roughs.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Paris DJs have funded entirely all the music production, selection, licensing, mastering, and the visual artworks of the 15 albums & compilations.


We need 10.500€ :

- 2.500€ to press the Reggae 5CD boxset at 300 copies,

- 2.500€ to press the Afro 5CD boxset at 300 copies,

- 2.500€ to press the Funk/Hip Hop 5CD boxset at 300 copies,

- 1.500€ to print the t-shirts at 50 copies each only,

- 1.500€ for the boxsets designing


We have 4.000€ to fund ourselves in this project, so we're missing 7.500€.

The Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fee is 8%, so in order to get 7.500€, we need to add 652€.


So our exact goal is 8.152€, rounded to 8.000€ here.



What will we do if the amount we'll raise exceeds the goal ?


The last crowdfunding campaign we did reached more than 130% of its goal. With the additional money we added a 30cm insert to the vinyl, and a free CD for every one who participated in the campaign!


Hopefully this new one will go smoothly, we might raise more than what we need, and we'll be able to add some cool goodies & surprises to all the packages of our Kiss Kiss Bank Bank backers.


Thanks for your support !

Thanks again for those who supported us in the past and keep coming back !!

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