Partage tes passions en Direct LIVE !

Support CatchMyWorld, the 1st LIVE sharing community in the World! Post your events, Broadcast, Record and Share LIVE!

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Partage tes passions en Direct LIVE !

CatchMyWorld is the 1st LIVE sharing community in the World and connected to Non-Profit organizations!


> From your desktop, smartphone, tablet or any devices connected to the network, we have developed the simplest way to share LIVE your passions and unique moments anywhere, anytime!




> Our story...your story!


We love having fun and being active in the World. We love traveling, meeting new people and culture; climbing rocks, hiking mountains; diving the ocean, surfing, windsurfing; playing awesome rock music or mixing energetic vibes; and so many more exciting funs.


There is such a cross-interaction between those activities: all over our discussions with friends and people we met during our travels, we noticed the same pattern: for example, if you like traveling, then you like facing new cultures, and you understand why giving back to the community is impactful, so you will love to be connected in a different social platform.


We looked around us and did not see any social platforms that bring people all over the World together to share similar passions and connect in real-time in a truly social LIVE entertainment platform.  We decided to fill the gap and creating functionalities that will allow users to share their world with the World in real-time!

> We created CatchMyWorld.



> CatchMyWorld...broadcast LIVE and share unique moments around the World!


- Is it free?

Yes! Active in broadcasting LIVE or only watching unique moments LIVE, we created CatchMyWorld for everybody. It is free and it is the simplest way to share "your World" LIVE!


- How does CatchMyWorld work?

It is very easy. Sign up and fill at least 1 of the 8 following interests : Travel, Outdoors, Action Sport, Wellness, 'Music/Dance, Fashion, Events, Technology. Then, you are ready to broadcast your first LIVE to all the community!


- Is it that easy?

Yes! We want you to spend time sharing your moments LIVE, not filling boring parameters before broadcasting. We take care of all the complicated technical aspects in order to offer the funniest experience!


From your desktop, nothing to install: just plug your webcam and broadcast!


From your smartphone, tablet or other devices, download our Android or iOS App 'catchmyworld'.





- Sharing LIVE is a great idea but watch it again is better!

This is true. Because each LIVE broadcast is unique, we have developed a recording features that allows to save your best parts of your LIVE directly on our Cloud servers! When you want to save parts of your LIVE, just click on 'start recording' and that as many times as you want during your LIVE broadcast. All records are immediately available on the platform.





- To sum up ?

>> 4 steps :

1/ Post your LIVE creating a Catch’Me (we take care of the time zone) : your can announce your event before broadcasting it

2/ Broadcast your LIVE (Catch'Me) anywhere from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Everybody in the World can watch it!

3/ Record best parts of your LIVE during the broadcasting

4/ Share for watching them again!


> CatchMyWorld ... it is also the best way to share short geolocated videos

Because a short 30 seconds geolocated video is better than a long speech to recommend something to do or see, we have developed the GeoCatch. The GeoCatch is like the backpacker's videos guide





> CatchMyWorld ... a Social platform connected to Non-Profit organizations!


We strongly believe in a more united World where each individual makes an impact to change the World for the best.

We reward active users with points, called CatchFunds, that could be donated anytime to the Non-Profit organization of their choice, partner of CatchMyWorld.

A percentage of CatchMyWorld's revenues are donated to the Non-Profit according to the CatchFunds donated from the community.





> L'équipe...3 personalities strongly motivated!



Engineer and PhD, I have always been interested in innovation. After several years of reflection, CatchMyWorld was created with the idea of ​​offering innovative broadcasting LIVE technology. The platform is currently built and I live in the United States (San Diego, CA) to develop a worldwide community.


Geoffroy FOUQUET

Engineer, I worked in a major E-Commerce website for 4 years. In 2012, I joined my brother, Thomas, to develop CatchMyWorld. I bring my Internet and E-Commerce experiences to build an innovative, interactive and attractive service from both social and technological point of views.



After a Master of Science, I worked in major IT and E-Commerce companies and E-Commerce for 10 years. I bring all my skills and passion for innovation in this strongly different platform to give you the best and simplest LIVE experience!



>> Thank a lot for your support ! Contact us for any questions and make a tour on CatchMyWorld:


Waar dient de collecte voor

>> Thanks to your support!

We could:

1/ increase our develpment and enhance our innovation in the LIVE field on smartphone & tablet.  


2/ Also, our platform uses ergonomic innovations that fit the size of our website to your screen (desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.): try to reduce the size of your browser!

> We want to improve this work to offer you the best ergonomics website whatever the devices you use!


3 / Finally, we will improve the design of the iOS & Android App


>> If more that the target!

Depending on the amount, we will increase the marketing development / we will improve the video LIVE Player: be sure...each cents will be spend with maximum efficiency!





Thanks to your support, we will achieve our first goal: offering the best LIVE sharing experience!

In January 2014, we will think about growing the team!


If you can not contribute, do not hesitate to share this page around you and speak about CatchMyWorld.


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