Pasiones Fútbol

Let's discover the football culture in Latin America !

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Pasiones Fútbol

Who are we ?

Julien and Jehanne, both are 22 years old, and study Entertainment & Medias, in Kedge Business School. 

"Our projet consists on travelling through 5 countries in latin america, and combine two of our passions : FOOTBALL and audiovisual creation" 

After 2 years of collaboration in our associative project in Business School, all as communication managers, all as a team, we decided to create this project to continue to work and use everything we've learnt during our previous experiences. 

The last project we had together was "Challenger Média", for which we had to realise 4 reports about 4 sports teams of our school during the preparation to the "Challenge Ecricome", the third students sports Event in France. 

This is after this experience that we had the idea to create 'Pasiónes'.



What about Pasiones ?

'Pasiones' is a 4 months trip, through 5 countries in Latin America : México, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil.

Our project is to create a web documentary series about the football culture in this region. We want to show that this sport can bring a lot more than just emotions. It can help people in social difficulties, children for their education, a person in sickness... Thanks to the strength football can give, people can change their lives, and this is the stories we are looking for.

"we want to expose the impacts of football, the feelings it can provide, the help it can give."

Our reports will last between 10 and 15 minutes, and they will be focused on person a testimony about football. 

After a few months building this project, we finally defined what we will show through our reports. We were able to do this thanks to all the people we have met since the beginning of this aventure : journalists, clubs employees, football players...

Waar dient de collecte voor

For this project, we finance on our own to the amount of 8000€ each. This concerns all the expenses we'll do overthere (flights, accommodation...).

But we'd use this crowdfunding to finance the best material we can buy to have the high-quality result we want : cameras, drone... 

These are the materials that we will finance thanks to this crowdfunding : 

Multimedia material :

Accessories : 

Trip material : 

TOTAL =  4 022 € that we will round up to 4 250 € (by security).

The rest is the 8% of participation for the Kisskissbankbank plateform -> 340€.

FINAL TOTAL : 4 590 €

If we collect more than this amount, we will use it for our "life expenses" overthere or other material, like a drone.

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