Paul Lassey - New Cd - "Sans compter"

Thanks so much for taking part in this journey with us !

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Paul Lassey - New Cd - "Sans compter"


Welcome to my Kisskissbankbank page!


I am Paul Lassey a chromatic and diatonic harmonica player from France living in Malzéville, France.


My goal is to raise 6000 euros through Kisskissbankbank in order to pruduce my next CD.


As a participant in the project, you will play a major role in the creation of the new music and make my debut album come to life!


Not only you will receive the album but you will also get other exclusive rewards.


We only have 90 DAYS to meet the goal.


Thank you for joining me in this exciting journey !



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How can you help?   You can pre-order the CD by clicking in the rewards area and you can spread the word. You will get something for your money. If I don't meet or exceed my goal of Euros6,000 by the deadline (November 14th), I will not receive any of the pledged money (everyone gets refunds). So I hope each and every one of you will make a contribution, as this cannot happen without your kind support. Please tell your friends to check out this page. Spread the word and share this page on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or anywhere you see fit!   What I'm offering!   A download of the new recording in mp3 format Signed Hard copies of the new Album and the first Album. Free tickets at my concerts in France Music/Harmonica Lessons (in french only) 1 harmonica Brodur.   There's more!   Look to the right ------------------->

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