Piece de Resistance

Piece de Resistance, bags for men and women, designed in France with high quality materials and manufactured by Spanish craftsmen.

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Piece de Resistance



Our project comes to life in 2012  

Both passionate about beautiful materials , the craftsmen’s Savoir faire of our continent , accessories, our meeting put our creative minds into action , and  we decided to write our story and create Piece de Resistance .




Because we wanted to do more than just fashion, because we wanted to highlight the european craftmanship, where the leather "Savoir-Faire" is very strong, we decided to create a product that each element will be selected and purchased by us from France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

This is also why we entrust the manufacture of our bags to a small Spanish family workshop in Ubrique, mecca of leather .

Indeed, located in the south of Spain, Ubrique is a small town whose life and economy revolve around the leather, especially leather goods . The biggest fashion houses  also have their workshops there. It is natural that we turned to this place , obvious to us who wanted to highlight the expertise of local craftsmen and control the quality of our products.  






Both from creative background, one as a fashion designer, and the other as  textile and footwear product manager, our experience and our skills are complementary and allow us to develop our own brand of accessories.

This complementarity allows us daily to each have our roles to play, each with our own space for expression and a constant exchange of all decisions, from the choice of the zipper to the commercialization of our products.  





Piece de Resistance is a mixture of rough and elegance, a both smart and casual look.


Inspired by mens’ dressing room, willing to create a bag for both men and women; practical, for everyday life, the first design SAM came to life. Elio, Zacchari, Charlie and more followed..  





Piece de resistance is also a commitment.

Commit to offer the best to our customers, the quality and the security of knowing where the smallest element of the bag, they just bought, comes from. Moreover, we show the origin of all materials used for each bag on our website.   

Our favorite material is grained lambskin, called bubble. This is a very soft, supple leather that is tanned in France in the Tarn, the method used for its tanning and dyeing is vegetal. Other materials all come either from Italy or Switzerland or Spain.  

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Piece de Resistance is a fully self funded project.

Between us, we manage all aspects of the project. Design, visual identity, prototype development, production tracking , supplier sourcing , production monitoring , website, catalogs, graphics, distribution, sales management, accounting, media and social networks.  

Today we have around 15 shops selling our bags in France and Japan.

We are at a key moment in our history, step when we must grow and develop on various markets.

This development creates a need for immediate cash we do not have.

The launch of the  Fall Winter 2014/2015 production, settling in new offices enabling us to welcome our stock and expand our team , develop the new Summer 2015 collection, the design of new prototypes, and present this new collection to professional buyers during a Paris fashion week ...


This crowd funding will help us get through this . There are no small contribution. With your help, we will cover some of the expenses described below :   Camembert   


-Purchasing  materials: 6000 euros 

Purchases of materials and equipment needed to manufacture orders


-Costs manufacturing: 7,000 euros

 Cost of manufacturing for all orders


-Conception new collection: 2000 euros 

Cost for developing new patterns and making new prototypes


-Shooting photos and catalogs: 1500 euros 

Photo shoot done here by a local professional photographer and catalog printing to the attention of professional buyers   


-Paris fashion week : 4000 euros 

We will present our new SS15 collection at the "fashion week" of Paris with professional buyers 


In total, in the next 4 months we will have to spend around € 20,000.  Your participation is an essential aid to enable us to continue to write the history of Piece de Resistance.  


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