Participez au financement de mon nouvel album !

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Participez au financement de mon nouvel album !

My dear friends, I have a bunch of new lovely songs that are all naked. They are pretty, but need to be dressed in nice clothes. They would like to exist and gain their freedom to land in your ears and more, if affinities :) And to make this possible, I need your help! I am independent, which means that I don't have a record company and that I do everything, all alone like a grown-up boy, a grown-up boy who still looks at his childhood dreams with real kindness. So I wear beautiful and different hats depending on the day: author, composer, performer, producer, publisher, administrator, artistic director, graphic designer, not to mention guitar, piano and singing lessons and my activities in events ... At the same time, it seems that I do well pasta (Barilla, of course)! Thank you very much for your many messages of encouragement, they carry me and give me the energy to embark on this new adventure! Thank you also for your patience and loyalty. Here is "Le tableau", my new single and 1st track of the coming album, available on any plateformes. This brand new song is a brand new video directed by Benjamin Auriche. You'll also find an acoustic piano version of this song :) You might be discovering my songs, so let's get acquainted! My name is Pierre Donoré, I am from Grenoble and I have lived in Paris for quite a few years. I have 2 albums and 2 EPs behind me: L’amour en deux (2017), Maintenant (2014), Je viens à toi (2010), Donoré (2008), or about thirty original songs. Cds are always available;) 📷 Also in the rearview mirror, hundreds of concerts in theaters, festivals, parks, gardens, garages, ports or even in trains, a few TV and radio broadcasts, some good articles in the press or on the Internet , and I'm still in self-production :) Télérama said about me that I was "Bold and ambitious", you surprise me, John! I am aries ascending noughts and crosses, I am like that, I just don’t quit ! My songs resonated at the Olympia, a famous French Music Hall, at the Casino de Paris (in the first parts of Zucchero, Ray Davies, Maxime Le Forestier ...), at the Théâtre de l'Européen (2 times sold out), and in various festivals such as the Festivals de la Chanson Française d'Aix-en-Provence, Montluçon or the Festival International de Louisiane (USA), or finally during tours outside our borders, as in Romania in 2019, before the pandemic cancels the 26 concerts planned abroad in 2020 (USA, Germany, Romania & Indonesia)... 📷 I called on you in 2016 to fund "L’amour en deux", my latest album. This crowdfunding was a success, since the 10,000 € or so raised allowed me to launch the production of this album which you can (re) discover here: Pandemic or not, you have noticed that time flies, right? What have I been doing since 2017? In addition to the many concerts and the three clips that accompanied the release of the album (Vivants, Debout and Barcelona - which by the way makes you want to go back), I have collaborated with the poet Radu Bata and the composer Jean-Christophe Prince on "The children of the clouds", a celestial album released in 2020. I also made this song and this clip as a testament to this crazy time that we finally seem to be out of it for good ... It's high time to finally do "Whatever We Like": And I kept in touch with you by offering several online concerts live frommy living room that you can find on my Youtube channel. Obviously, I went through many states, from discouragement to lack of inspiration, from lack of energy to the throes of doubt ... Let's say that in my course, I have been sailing in the fog from the beginning, and this time , this Covidian fog had become so thick that it had become difficult for me to stay the course. But passion and a real taste for adventure went out of their confinement, and today I really want to present my evolution to you through my new songs, because I love them very much! The album will ideally be 12 songs, but that would require the prize pool to reach € 15,000. And I dream of seeing it exist in vinyl, even if it costs more to produce! Indeed, it takes in particular a mastering and a graphics different from the CD. You understand, the jackpot would have to go beyond the € 9,500 expected, to allow me to achieve these objectives, and also, to make it more visible in the media and in playlists. Participating in this prize pool means allowing the album to exist, but it is also and above all a pre-purchase, since you will receive it at home or in person in a few months. You can pay the normal price of a record, or put in a little more, a lot more, or passionately more, if you let yourself be seduced by the consideration that suits you best! My new songs are about Relationship(s), romantic relationships, friendships, subsidiaries ... all on electro, orchestral or acoustic sounds. I have already started recording and it will extend over the year 2021, for a release scheduled for February 2022. Here's what it looks like (with the title "Plus rien" recorded at the Song Factory with Jérémy Rassat) : You will have the opportunity to discover exclusively a few new titles before the official release of the album. My friends, I invite you to do two things right now: follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter so as not to miss anything, and above all, to share this page with your friends, your family, and those who would, according to you, be sensitive to my songs. The launch of this campaign makes me quite nervous… Will you be there? Are you going to accompany me on this adventure? What will you think of my new songs? Are we going to meet again in concert soon? I hope so from the bottom of my heart ... In any case, a new page is being written and it is with you that it begins today! Take care ! Pierre Donoré

Allocation of funds

This crowdfunding will be used to partially produce my new album, and since you often ask me how much it costs, I made a good old pie chart in order to visualize the different costs to produce an album, in the rules of the art, and then to promote it: Once the album is recorded, we are happy, but how do we make it known? Recording of 12 tracks in the studio: +/- € 12,000 The mix of 12 tracks: +/- 12,000 € CD and vinyl mastering of 12 tracks: +/- 2.400 € Images (photo, graphics): +/- 4.500 € Pressing CDs (2000 units): 2.300 € Vinyl pressing (500 units): 2,000 € The production and editing of a video clip: +/- 5,000 € The services of a press officer: +/- € 6,000 for a 3-month assignment Organization of a presentation concert (room rental, payment of musicians and technicians, promotion): +/- € 7,000 And finally, the KissKissBankBank platform earns 8% of the funds collected if the campaign is successful.


Drop Pack


  • 3 contributions
1st single to download before its official release (link)

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Digital Pack


  • 17 contributions
Link to download the album one week before its release

Estimated delivery: February 2022

CD Pack


  • 19 contributions
The CD in your mailbox before its official release

Estimated delivery: February 2022

"My name is" Pack


  • 33 contributions
Your name in the CD booklet that you'll receive in your mailbox before its official release date.

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Dedication CD Pack + surprise


  • 59 contributions
CD with dedication in your mailbox A small surprise :) + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Vinyle Pack


  • 8 contributions
The Album in vinyle in your mail box + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

You can ring my bell Pack


  • 21 contributions
I call you on the telephone to thank you and to confirm two tickets for the reveal show in Paris + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Visio Pack


  • 1 contribution
Visioconference where you decide the 2, 3 songs that I sing just for you + above awards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Montmartre en chansons Pack


  • 1 contribution
Musical balade in Montmartre (Paris, France), just you and your friends, my guitar & I, for 1h30 or so + above rewards

Estimated delivery: September 2021

Private Stream Show Pack


  • 4 contributions
Private stream show for one hour via Whatsapp (or so), where I sing whatever you like (or try to!) + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Coaching & Tuto Pack


3 hours of private coaching around guitar, piano and/or vocal technics in visio + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

This is your song Pack


An original song for you, inspired by you + above rewards

Estimated delivery: February 2022

Home concert Pack


  • 1 contribution
Private gig at your place + above rewards (solo act, transport, food and accomodation to be shared if outside Paris and close suburbs).

Estimated delivery: July 2021

Pack Concert à domicile ++


    Home concert at your place + 10 CDs or vinyles to offer to your friends + Above rewards

    Estimated delivery: February 2022

    Live and Diner Pack


      A diner at my place where I'll be singing and cooking for you + A special place in the bottom of my heart + 10 vinyles + 10 concert tickets + 10 surprises + Above rewards ps : I won't cook you pastas, but a special gastronomic French meal !

      Estimated delivery: February 2022

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