PİNHAN Debut Album Release

Treasures of widely unknown turkish, azeri and kurdish music wait to be discovered. Help us to release these beautiful songs and tunes..

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PİNHAN Debut Album Release

Hi, my name is Malte Stueck,

I am a Saz player based in Hamburg/Germany and I've just finished the recordings with my Trio Pinhan - together with my wife Nilgün Aksoy (Voice) and my brother Benjamin Stueck (Saz,Tanbur). This repertoire, which should form our first album, contains traditional but (even in Turkey) widely unknown turkish, azeri, kurdish songs and instrumentals. Pinhan_leuchtturmfoto3__4_-1507203660

This musical project is very important for us. With our interpretation of pieces from different parts of Anatolia we want to show the diversity and beauty of regional characteristics, as well as the possibilities of improvisation and dynamics within this tradition. Guest musicians Ertan Tekin (Duduk), Emre Gültekin (Tanbur), Uğur Önür (Kemane) and Ernst Poets (Piano) participated in the recordings. 

The costs for the recordings and the mix were "sponsored" by our great sound engeneer, music producer and friend Özgür Yildiz (infinity records) and the mastering made by Jan Kirchner (Dadasound studio) we financed ourselves.

Now, to release the album under the new music label Seyir Muzik, founded as a non profit asossiation by our friends Isabelle de Spoelberch, Helene Sechehaye, Emre Gültekin and Tristan Driessens in Brussels, we need your support. 

Seyir Muzik is a research center on Turkish and Mediterranean music based in Brussels. It already proposes many activities, among which the music academy: weekly music lessons, listening moments, seminars, conferences are being held the whole year in premises at Rue du Bailli. 

The musical agitation raised by these events leads us to go further in the knowledge of musics we love. During many projects we realized, we collaborated with great classical, popular and traditional musicians. We think it is essential to make them easier to reach for the audience. Therefore we gave birth to a musical label, that will allow us to broadcast excellent quality recordings that resulted from these encounters.

Seyir Muzik invites the audience to improve their quality of listening by proposing projects whose selection will be based on musical value. A hearing committee whose members are sensitized by their profession and the experiences they have gathered each in their field. The quality of the artists we want to gather, our care in the selection of the repertoire presented and our conscientious work of the sound in the recordings are the thread of our label.

Resolutely oriented towards the East, on the outskirts of the Mediterranean sea, our label will also open to other traditions by the collaborations that have been created over time, while remaining in an acoustic spirit, respect for ancestral heritages still alive today. The albums we produce will be broadcast both physically and digitally throughout the world, in order to optimize their reception.Nilg_n-bearbeitet-2__4_-1507145448 Benni2-bearbeitet-3-1507144879 Malte-bearbeitet-2__3_-1507144840

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For the CD manufacture and distribution we plan 2500 euro, the album artwork, graphic, design, translations etc. 800 euro, marketing and promotion incl. website etc. 1000 euro, Gema/Mesam taxes about 300 euro, 8% KissKissBankBank tax 400 euro, so in total 5000 euro.

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