Pintar en Bolivia - KALLPA project

Empowering women through Arts Therapy

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Pintar en Bolivia - KALLPA project

What are our goals?

Pintar en Bolivia is a recently established NGO in Cochabamba. 

Our main goal is to improve the life and health of women in Bolivia. Most of the women we work with are from rural areas in the country and have been victims of physical, psychological and sexual violence.
By strengthening these women, we encourage them to gain confidence and self-esteem, to find their place in society, to become independant, to be strong and to raise their children.
We expect them to move their experiences forward which will eventually strengthen their children and community as well. 


Arts Therapy 

We aim at empowering women throuh Arts Therapy
Psychological support is almost inexisting in Bolivia and these women have experienced things that go beyong words. 
Through various forms of Arts, these women can express their feelings but also gain self-confidence, define their objectives and move on

Lisan, the founder of the NGO, has been working with these women through painting therapies for over a year and the results are being amazing. This process goes from expressing their feelings, to gaining self-confidence and imagining a future. 

Pintar has also been welcoming a few volunteers from all around the world to give different kind of Arts workshops such a music or dance. 

The women have been really receiptive to Contemporary Dance Workshops. 

Dance is a good way to work on different problematics with the ladies. 
They learn how to express feelings and tell a story through their body. But also, they learn how to work together and to create a community between them. 


KALLPA Project

We have created this KALLPA project (meaning strengh in Quechua, the most spoken indigeneous language) in order to keep empowering women.

We need to be able to keep giving the different Arts therapies, workshops and organising the women days to raise awareness of women violence in Bolivia. 

Reaching self-esteem, and confidence is a long process for these women.

This is why we need YOU  to raise this minimum amount of money to keep giving the therapies next year at the Women Shelter and Cochabamba National Hospital. 


Other projects

Pintar en Bolivia is also working on different Arts Therapy projects with the children oncology department of the national hospital as well as a center for seriously burnt kids.
If you want to learn more about these other projects, you can check our website: our website

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Why financing it? 

In order to continue the KALLPA project next year, we need to raise a minimum of 5.000€ for another year of Arts Therapy at the different Women Centers and at the National Hospital. 

Help us to keep empowering these women!

Without this budget, we will not be able to continue the project in Bolivia and to follow these women. 


The different objectives: 


Stage 1: 5.000€


By reaching this minimum amount of 5.000€, the KALLPA project will be able to keep living one more year.

Women will be able to continue their therapies and process towards self-confidence and independance. 


This amount is necessary to:

1) Buy the different Arts materials being used during the weekly therapies (painting...);

2) The Empowerment Days Workshops materials (activities, conferences, every day meals for the participants ...);

3) Rent Therapies locations. So far, we do not have any location and budget to give the therapies and often have to do it on the floor; 

4) Promote our different events and actions in Bolivia 

5) Keep going with the office work (material for volunteers, printing expenses...) 


Stage 2: 7.000€

By reaching 7.000€ we could extend the Arts Therapy workshops to the children of the National hospital having cancer. 


Stage 3: 8.000€

If we reach the 3rd stage, we will be able to give the Arts Therapy to the 3 different services we work with during the following year:

-The women shelter
-The children oncology department of the national hospital
-The seriously burnt children house 


Help us reaching these different steps and help us to stay in Bolivia to empower people through Arts Therapy. 


The totality of the funds will be donated to the NGO Pintar en Bolivia. 


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