Potions Energiques par Petit Ventre Heureux

Petit Ventre Heureux at your service to digest food and emotions

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Potions Energiques par Petit Ventre Heureux

Help us to accomplish our mission: to remind those we love that we are what we eat (and drink)....

Have you ever infused vegetables? And if that's exactly what you need to make your little belly happy?...

Did you know that your stomach needs heat and fluids to digest? Without this heat, your stomach spends a lot of energy to warm up.
And you don't have much Energy left for yourself and for all the things you want to accomplish during your day.

To help you digest your food and emotions:
Pre-order Energetic Potions, a product never seen before in France

(and elsewhere: -))!

The Energetic Potions are inspired by Chinese wisdom.

Subtle and strong. Yin and Yang. All this is integrated in an order that follows Mother Nature's movements (the order of the 5 Elements) and aligns us with a natural vibration to set the biological clocks straight. Any time of the day.


3 different types of  Energetic Potions

According to your needs, wishes and emotions : 


Every box contains potion-mixtures to make 16 infusions.
Expect a unique treat.....

Ancient Chinese wisdom  a strange thing?  Not so fast! Not so fast!

 "The bases of nutrition derived from Chinese medicine, several millennia ago, are consistent with the current data of the most recent research on a balanced diet." 
(Dr Michel Lallement, Director of the Antibes Resource Centre).

The 5 elements in Chinese Medicine (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) are concretely translated into cooking, by associating a flavor to each element. Each specific flavor has a different impact on the body.

I am Isabella Obrist,  specialist in Chinese Methods and  5 Element cooking. I am counting on my 25 year experience in working with people, I have written several books on Chinese Medicine, nutrition and wellness.

I created the "Petit Ventre Heureux "brand several years ago, especially with my books "Petit ventre heureux, cuisinez pour votre santé selon les cinq éléments chinois". "Happy little belly awaits her baby" and "Glücksrezepte".

After all these  years dedicated to raising awareness, I want to provide my brand with concrete and easy-to-use products.

This is how the Energetic Potions were born, which I have been developing for almost 3 years.

Our Potions are there to provide you with moments of pleasure while your body tones up the Vital Energy and makes your digestion more harmonious.

The Energetic Potions are a unique product in France, which will be sold from February 2020, thanks to your pre-orders and donations.

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Thank you very very much!

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If you help us reach 150%: 

  • We build an e-commerce site to make products accessible to the greatest number, everywhere in France! (Otherwise you can buy our products in some organic stores that already trust us).

If you take us up to 200% of the goal:

  • We hire someone to help us produce... what a dream...!

Merci, merci !

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