Précommandez votre place pour la 1ère expérience de cinéma immersif en France

Dream Factory takes you into the universe of Terminator 2 for its experience: No Fate

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Précommandez votre place pour la 1ère expérience de cinéma immersif en France

This year to open the ball, we go back to 1995 to immerse ourselves in a classic a classic film that celebrates its 30th anniversary: Terminator 2: Judgment Day! 📷 📷 - Nov. 2021 - Los Angeles 2029, Humanity is at war with machines, our society as we know it has collapsed. Skynet, a hostile artificial intelligence, sent a killer robot model T-1000 in 1995 to assassinate the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, when he was only a teenager. The future calls you to a mission of the utmost importance: return to the madness of 1995 L.A. to protect him and his mother, Sarah Connor, and become part of the Resistance. Some of the worlds you'll have access to with your ticket Biker Bar Dive into the biker bar, challenge them to an arm wrestling match or a game of pool, or have a pint of 90's music. 📷 Enrique's Desert Spend an evening with the guerrillas, discover Enrique's family secrets over tacos and bootleg tequila. 📷 Arcade Room Beat the high score in the room and warn John of the T-1000's arrival. 📷 Cyberdyne Immerse yourself in the offices of a 90's start-up and try to unlock the secrets of artificial intelligence with Miles. 📷 And many more stories to discover Hot topics The 2ᵉ opus of the Terminator franchise, recognized as the most iconic, tackles timely topics such as our relationship to technology, to violence and our ability to change our future, a topic that is so timely. #WeAreReady. These reflections will take place: 👉 during the evening through the experience. 👉 outside, through debates with experts on the themes of the film. An icon of science fiction cinema This film is one of the few classic movies whose heroine is a strong woman and a mother #WomenPower. They trust us This adventure is above all collective and would not be possible without the support of our ecosystem. 📷

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What happens to the money from a Dream Factory place? How can you help us? 1. Take your ticket and don't come alone 😄 2. Share your discovery on the networks 💘 3. Leave a note in the Comments 💬 4. Share recommendations on what you'd like to experience 🤩 About Us? Dream Factory is a team of 8 passionate people and an ecosystem of live performance and cinema that break the codes of the immersive experience. The meeting of multidisciplinary talents to create a unique and memorable experience. 📷 The project was born from the incredible meeting between : Tristan, a digital expert (Orange) and a proven entrepreneur in experience design, Greg, creative director with a background in filmmaking (HBO) and experiential storytelling (Columbia University, NY) Eliza, director and actress, specialized in the creation of theatrical plays and immersive experiences (Compagnie Neuf Sens). We were soon joined by other film fans with complementary backgrounds: Lucas (Cours Florent), Grégoire (Dauphine), Ludwig (Les Gobelins), Adèle and Capucine (IESA Arts & Culture)! Our will is to transmit emotion through immersive devices, so that during an evening, you can escape from your daily life and come back stronger. The objective is also to create social cohesion, to reflect on how to better understand society through cinema. We mix entertainment and commitment. Each year, we take you to a new universe to explore together. 📷 THANK YOU & WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE!

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