"Prends ta bible et tire toi... / Take your Bible and run..."

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012
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" Take your bible and run... " will be a short film about 15 minutes which will be a funny and horrific rollercoaster which pays tribute in the cinema which saw me increasing, in the cinema of genre of the 70s and 80 that I love on the top of everything. It will be a fantastic comedy in tribute to the zombies of all kind and has their variants. Which through crazy and relegated characters will pay old tribute to EC comics of the 70, and the 80s through cult movies as ‘’The return of the living dead " of Dan O ' Bannon or the clip John Landis's " thriller ", was abandoned. In "The forgotten" I leave them a very consequent place and give my answer full of nostalgy to this new generation of zombies runners who have invaded our screens for more than 10 years …

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"Prends ta bible et tire toi... / Take your Bible and run..."

The "Take your bible and run..." talk about these men and women forgotten by the modern society, often invisible to the eyes of the crowd that regrettably are seen only when they disturb the law and order or the moral of the peoples. These thousand unfortunates who populate the streets of our big cities in the indifference and often the most total contempt of the passers-by. " Take your bible and run..." was born after i saw a TV documentary two years ago about the homeless persons living in the woods around Paris which enormously affected me. And I said to myself that I could speak about it . In a lot more terrifiyng way has way.


"Take your bible and run..." tell the story of a small group of pariah consisted of homeless persons, prostitutes, a Haitian clergyman seller of grigris and his strange journeyman surviving outside in the woods nearby a small village of the north of France. But when a rain of meteors carrying(wearing) in them abominable one virus provoking a cannibal rabies to the one who is infected. Quickly they are going to have to fight by all the means to survive the attacks of these crazy cannibal lunatics who quickly multiply. And when i say by all the means it’s really by the most unusual means possible even the most paranormal means.



I do not wish with "Take your bible and run..." to deal with the drama of the homeless persons frivolously, far from there, I was sensitive for a long time to the fate of these people resulting from diverse circles and wealthy all a human history which is appropriate for them. But the movie will contain however of the humor. I have in each of my movies or scripts always reserved a place for these forgotten of the modern world, but often by conferring them an imagery full of romanticism recovering more from the voluntary tramp or from the imaging of Épinal of the homeless. Here it is with the mixture of drama and humor that I plan to deal with the case of these outcasts, by delivering a portrait without concession and by plunging them into a situation of an extreme violence which can lead to the collapse of the society.


I often treated homeless people in my movies, but I also treated of living dead and other zombies, often by hijacking them from their usual yoke and stereotypes, which are to wake up, to eat and to contaminate the one that they bit. I often dealt them funnily by entrusting them a consciousness, by humanizing them and by putting them as central characters of a story. I need for "Take your bible and run..." one truth threatens, a plague which beats down on the modern society by their involuntary way. The society do not to have made what was needed for those homeless is going to die by those that it abandoned.

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"Take your bible and run..." is a self producted short film, but i need more money to be able to shoot it. The shooting is planned from 7 till 13 September 2012. But the sum gained last year to which I added personal investments is not rather big so that I can’t bring it to a successful conclusion, in decent conditions. It is for that I decided to make this request of additional funds to provide correctly at the needs of my team. The movie will be shot in Ham's town in the Somme (North of France). It will contain to do it,  a team of 17 persons, without counting the comedians, whom it will be necessary to me to feed and to make come for 7 days.

The conception of the effects of make-ups and prosthetics was entrusted to the make-up artist Harold Levy, Charlotte Lebon and Eric Ducron who officiated  as make-up artists on movies as " Bloodrayne 3 " of Uwe Boll, " The exercise of the state " of Pierre Shoeller or still "Holy Motors" of Léos Carax.


Here are tests make-ups which were made by Eric Ducron and Harold Levy for the movie.



The music will be signed by the talented composer Reynald Frisson.

The logistics (generating sets for lighting of supplements at the end of the day in forest, gasoline to put on the group and the vehicles to transport the comedians on the set of shootings. As well as for the rent of material of supplement.

The movie as many others nowadays will be shot with a device Standard(Cannon) 5D Mark 2 (that I already possess) but to have the most beautiful images possible, it will need to me to rent focals as well as lightings and other adequate materials. And it is for all this that I request your help.

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