Prodige 2.0 - L'Album Funk

Hi friends, Help me to finalize a Funk project with international target, I need you to finance the Mastering.

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Prodige 2.0 - L'Album Funk

- Who I am?




I was an Hip-Hop DJ in the 90's, my nickname PRO DJ became Prodige when I decided to leave the decks for production.


I've Been Playing Music since the end of the 80's. For those interested, I'll let you see my biography because  my music career started a little bit more than 2 years ago. At this time, I decided to work for myself as a (solo) artist and make Funk music !!! I would finally be able to flourish me ...


My influences are : Prince, Zapp & Roger, Teddy Riley, George Clinton, Gap Band, and many others.


What I like above all is to create and express what I feel. I have many ideas and an experience that I want to share ...



- My path (the one I want to talk here...)


In 2014 : I recorded "More Bounce To The Ounce" with a video to pay tribute to the artists that I appreciate (really inspire me?) and to the cartoon South Park.



But the reality is that it's not easy to access those artists on social networks. However, I was approved by Daft Punk, George Clinton and Nile Rodgers, which was not bad ...



In 2015 : with stars in my eyes, I tried to make an EP that contains 8 songs called "My Name is P" but barely put online. I am contacted by a mysterious Artistic Director who is retired and based in New York. He proposed me to flesh out this album into a LP so that it can be easier to sell in the United States. He teached me the codes that make funk a music appriciated by so many people.


Here is the first video of this EP with a cartoon. There are other video clips  that you can find on my website .



This EP is a concept interpreted with Talkbox (cousin of the vocoder). Yet, I feel the need to sing with my natural voice in order to reach more people. I've been working all year for new songs with some surprising covers in addition to my compositions.


Once I completed 10 new songs, I realized that they didn't fit with the previous ones of the EP because with the support of my friends who lent me their voices for this project, my music had progressed in sound and groove.


In 2016 : Prodige 2.0...




So, this is my first LP album and it doesn't matter for the EP that I could not promote. I will still play these songs on stage.


The industry of music has changed a lot and you have to do everything by yourself. So I really need you guys to finish this album with a good mastering and why not a little pressing to convince the world that our project deserves to exist.


This album is highly anticipated in the US and Japan  where it has found an audience on social networks. But I'd also like to make this project real in France and The World thanks to you and be able to share an unique experience on stage with you.


I really need your help and I hope  this attempt will be more than just funding.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Project details: The entire production of this new Opus has already been funded, but I need you to help me finalize with a good mastering.


With 100% of target (850 euros) :


1) Mastering of 13 songs et 2 alternative versions for TV/Radio -> 780€ 


2) Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Commission -> 70€


I may well be able to distribute this album LP 13 tracks in Digital format in october 2016.


If this amount is exceeded, it allows me to go further and make a physical CD on october 2016.


With 200% of target (1750 euros) :


3) CD Pressing -> 600€

4) SDRM Rights -> 300€


Beyond : You can help me finance the clips and the promotion of this Opus, and anyway, all donations will be fully invested in the project for go so far as possible.

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Thanks for this option, I give uou 1 Digital Copy of Single "More Bounce To The Ounce" autographed and Facebook Gratitude
  • Geschatte levering september 2016


I like to express my gratitude. In add to the previous rewards, the Digital Copy autographed of the album P 2.0
  • 2 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


Great! I like to express my gratitude... In add to the previous rewards, the CD autographed of the album P 2.0
  • 5 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


Respect! In add to the previous rewards, the Digital Copy autographed of the EP "My Name is P"
  • 2 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


Whaou! In add to the previous rewards, the Digital Copy autographed of the Maxi 8 tracks with the Remixes of "More Bounce To The Ounce"
  • 2 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


I love it! Thanks. In add to the previous rewards, the Promotionnal CD autographed of the EP "My Name is P"
  • 3 backers
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


Awesome! You have all my discography, in add to the previous rewards, 5 pictures autographed from the videoclip "La 8.6". Thanks
  • 1 backer
  • Geschatte levering oktober 2016


In add to the previous rewards, You come on studio for repetition with the band for our eternal gratitude
  • Geschatte levering december 2016


The Graal for me, Thanks! In add to the previous rewards, 1 lesson of Talkbox and 2 tickets for a live with the Band in VIP
  • Geschatte levering februari 2017

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