Projet annulé / canceled project

MOIN ' DIVISION project is: a maxi vinyle, a CD album and a T-shirt. This is the new release by auddie on the french label : f4 recordings.

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Projet annulé / canceled project

" Moin' " is a berliner and north Germany slang  that means "morning" (morgen). The name "Moin' division" is inspired by the British band "Joy division"  and refers to that very special moment for the music scene and nightlife : the division of time when the night is ending and the morning comes,  that special moment between night and day, when we realise that we chhosed to continue to dance (Moin' division can be a rebirth, or just a continuity).


The new project by auddie is signed on f4 recording, a berlin based french label and offers 3 tracks. This is electronic music, techno, with a very special way to compose the rythms, we would call it a neo 2 step, with very poetic endings.  SOUND HERE


That vinyle is presented with a special artwork, from the french-corean artist: Florence Lucas.

We propose a CD for classic listeners (and for the DJ's) with the 3 tracks + other extra tunes + a live act (a longer live recording).

We also offer a T-shirt, for men and women, with the cover on it, just for that project (collector! )


That release is outstanding, because it gives the audience the chance to get the music in the format they like, at a much lower price than in the music stores.


The T-shirt  is an optionnal collector gift ! It's only here ! :)






Waar dient de collecte voor

We would like to offer to the public a complete patchwork of our project, and to give a special acces to the public, to let them participate to the edition, and to offer them to get the complete works for a cheaper price, and faster.


It will also help the label to prepare the next releases (some song writing, other albums)


Other records will follow and ... a book !


f4 recordings & Editions f4 are one single pluridisciplinary project. We match texts and music, with intermediary projects (such as sonic poetry and films).


- info -


From this date of project creation untill the reception per post of the records and T-shirts, 6 weeks are necessary.


Budget - financial cost of the project (without shipping for the entire world)



Mastering: 110 euros

cover / design : 150 euros

Vinyl press  (300 pieces )  1800 euros


CD  (100 pieces) : 280 euros


T-shirt (100 pieces M & W) : 400 euros


Total :  2740 euros

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A download of the 3 tracks + cover


    CD album + MP3 + artwork
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    The vinyl (12' inch) + artwork + MP3's
    • 1 backer


    The T-shirt "Moin division" (Men or Women, choose your size) + mp3's


      The CD album + T-shirt + mp3 + artwork


        The vinyl + T-shirt + artwork mp3 's


          The vinyl + CD album + T-shirt + artwork + mp3 's
          • 2 backers


          The vinyl + CD album + T-shirt + artwork mp3 's + free entrance in a concert of the artist + free video clip download + your name in the CD + signature of the artist


            The vinyl + CD album + T-shirt + artwork mp3 's + free entrance in a concert of the artist + free video clip download + your name in the CD + signature of the artist + free dowload of an album of the album. Choose one! + Our eternal love !

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