LEANA PROJECT (15 years old): become an olympic badminton champion

Support me in my Olympic dream: on my way to the DAKAR 2026 Youth Olympics Game and the LOS ANGELES 2028 Summer Olympics Game !!

Project visual LEANA PROJECT (15 years old): become an olympic badminton champion
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LEANA PROJECT (15 years old): become an olympic badminton champion

Hello, my name is Leana LAURENT, I am 15 years old and I want to become an Olympic Badminton Champion. I started badminton at the age of six at ASLBK Kembs, in Alsace, where I still play today. My discipline is single lady. I am currently number 1 French in my age category and in 2022, I became French champion and vice-champion of Europe U15. Today badminton is my passion and my whole life is organized around my sport. I train every day with my coach, about 20 hours of training per week and I go almost every weekend to national or international competitions. My goal this season is to be selected for the Shonai tournament in Japan in June 2023 with the French team and to participate in the European U17 championship in Lithuania in August 2023. I am now 1st year U17, so it is thanks to this type of competition that I am preparing for the big meetings of 2024: 6 nations tournament with the French team and French Youth U17 championship. But my real goals are to make a podium at the Youth Olympics in Dakar in 2026 and in the longer term, you will have understood that to one day win the Summer Olympics 2028 or 2032. To carry out my project, I need your support because the many trips abroad, internships, training and equipment are very expensive. It is with you that I will be able to realize my Olympic dream!!

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Here is an estimated cost of my project until the youth olympic games in Dakar in 2026: I am financially supported by my club, my parents and by some authorities (region, department) and 2 private partners, but the remains dependent of my project are too high for my family without your support. It is for this reason that we have decided to launch a Crowdfunding in the hope that many of you will accompany me towards my Olympic dream. Of course it doesn't stop after 2026, but it's the 1st goal before moving on to the next step: winning the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics or those of 2032. It will be done with you or it will not be done !! Here is how we determined the amount for this project: The KissKissBankBank support represents just over 1/3 of the total amount of the project. The final word on my passion and my Olympic ambition: To get there, the only way to do it is to work harder than others, and it's just too hard to work harder than others if you're not passionate. Passion is not a magic trick that gives powers, no, it's just that passion is the most direct way to work. A huge thanks for your support !!


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