Humanitarian project in Angada (Ethiopia)

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Project visual Humanitarian project in Angada (Ethiopia)
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Humanitarian project in Angada (Ethiopia)

a Following our first humanitarian project in Esho (2018) and our second one in Angada (2019-2020), inhibants of the village Angada requested support from “Les Amis Toukoul”. For this third project, We will provide our support to the village of Angada, located in the region of Wolaytta 300km south of Addis Abeba. Nous sommes allés à nouveau à la rencontre des habitants du village d’Angada pour constater l'impact de nos réalisations sur la population. Après discussion avec les populations locales, nous avons établi un nouveau projet sur trois axes. Pour ce troisième projet… Nous continuons donc notre aide à Angada, situé dans le Wolaytta. Angada est un petit village situé à 300km au Sud d’Addis Abeba. a Who: Project beneficiairies: 10 women for sewing training 4700 people living in Angada but also in the nearby village of Angada 300 children from the kindergarten and primary school The Les Amis Toukouls team: Head of Angada village: Israël Local Project Manager : Maria Antonio (from Angada)Marie- Françoise Papeleux (Designer and dressmaker from Belgium) Pascaline Breuls de Tiecken (costume designer from Belgium) Emmanuel Casteele (Head of project, Les Amis Toukouls, Belgium) What: “Les Amis Toukouls” will support the education of children, improve living conditions and food supply security of families living in the village and nearby. The project is possible thanks to the dialogue with local autorities from the town of Areka, the head of village and inhabitants of the of Angada to solve the following issues: Young children drop out of school too early and miss the opportunity if learning a job. Illness spreads rapidly among children who spend time in schools (This can be avoided by washing hands and ensure supply of drinkable water). Objectives: 1) Secure drinkable water supply by: Le forage d’un puits et l’installation d’une pompe à eauLa réparation de conduites d’eau existantes 2) Enhance education of children by: Expanding the existing schoolUpgrading the children school with toiletsProviding tables, notebooks and pensTeaching good hygiene practices to prevent illness 3) Improve food security by: Training about ten women in dressmaking and sewing to generate new revenues for food purchasing a a Where: Angada (Wolayta, Ethiopie) When: 11 July 2021 -19 Agust 2021 How: a The success of our previous projects: Video of our first project 2018 (By Jonathan Bradfer and Pascale Sury): a

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>Objective: 8,110 Euros!</strong></p> <p>A first part of the project can be reached with 8,110 &euro; and will allow:</p> <p>1) The purchase of 5 manual sewing machines and the rental of a room for sewing training.</p> <p>2) The construction of a well for the school.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>If we get more than 8,110 &euro;:</p> <p>3) The construction of one building for the school and the purchase of 45 benches (&euro; 6,890)</p> <p>4) Administrative costs of the file in Ethiopia (500 &euro;) and KissKissBankBank costs (650 &euro;)&nbsp;</p>



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