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Donate and support our theatrical play "The way I loved.Chernobyl" based on the true stories of people who lived through the Chernobyl disaster!

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Projet Tchernobyl

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Chernobyl project?


We are working on a theatre show on the Chernobyl theme "The way I loved. Chernobyl" as well as on several satellite events as photo exhibition and "nuclear talks" in order to enhance public awareness on the nuclear energy.


The story


In that is the beginning and the end of all. All is in man, all for man!

M. Gorky


Ludmila and Vassily just got married, and are expecting their first child. Just an ordinary couple, there seems to be nothing unusual here. Unfortunately for them, they live in Pripiat, which is the closest town to the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant...

On the night of the 26th of April 1986, Vassily is one of the first firemen to arrive and work on the roof of the 4th block of the reactor, where the meltdown occurred.




The texts


Our texts are inspired by the true stories of people who witnessed Chernobyl accident reported by 2015 Nobel prize winner, Svetlana Alexievich

(Voices from Chernobyl : Chronicle of the Future / translated by Antonina W. Bouis. – London : Aurum Press, 1999. – Translation of Černobyl'skaja molitva

Voices from Chernobyl : the Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster / translation and preface by Keith Gessen. – Normal : Dalkey Archive Press, 2005. – Translation of Černobyl'skaja molitva )


Why bother talking about this today?


Today, 30 years after this tragic accident, the theme of Chernobyl is more relevant than ever.

On one hand, one can easily draw some parallels with the current political climate in the former Soviet block countries, where observers draw attention to the lack of freedom of speech and respect for human rights.

On the other hand, nuclear energy is one of the alternatives to help us satisfy our increasing demand for energy and address our global climate change concerns.

Finally, we simply have to talk about events like Chernobyl and bring to the attention of our earth community the impact of technological advancement at the expense of our environment and well-being. There have been several man made ecological disasters since Chernobyl, but this stands out as a symbol of human suffering.



Our team


As follows, from left to right and top to bottom:

Véronika Akopovachoreographer, role of Tatiana

Nina Josserole of Ludmila

Pierre Verneyrole of Vassily

Pierre-Emmanuel Delahayerole of Viktor

Delphine Desmarsrole of Doctor Angélina Gouskova

Maria M Moreiraauthor of certain texts, stage director





Other persons and organisations involved : 

SVETLANA ALEXIEVICTHla SACD,  Atelier Arrière Cour , Bangala (music) , Nouveau Théâtre Beaulieu et Théâtre de Tardy , Le FOUAssociation Projet RusseAssociation Trait d'Union,Greenpeace LyonFlorian Goralski (photo et video), Alizé Cogny (photo), Damien Groleau (photo) Oleksandra Knyr




Being a young theatre company isn't easy. We have to work hard (and for free) in order to provide the best quality of staging in a difficult financial context. 


We already spent over 400 hours of work on this show and obtained agreements with 4 theatres to show our theatrical creation to public. We now need your help to finish the staging and present our work. 


For more  information about us, visit our web site



Waar dient de collecte voor

Your donations will help us to :


1. Complete the staging (venues, transport, food and beverage while working away from Paris) 

2. Purchase fabrics to make costumes and create decorations with the help of an independent artist

3. Print out promotional materials to work on the creation of an alternative “green energy” energy discussion platform

4. Organise the presentations


See our budget here


What if we collect more? 


- Film the entire show and be able to send the video to those who can not come to see it (with English/Russian subtitles)

- Edit the text of the show 


Your donations WILL NOT provide our core costs funding.


Please be aware that French residents are eligible to the tax reduction up to 66% of the donation amount (60% for the companies). Please contact us via email or by phone +33(0)649189714 for more details.  


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BRAVO! You are one of our biggest sponsors! You get all the above and your name/ your company logo on all of our promotional materials during our shows in 2016 in 3 cities of France !(subject to approval by the theatres)
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