Because in life there is always a first time! Welcome to my crowdfunding campaign for my first EP (Mini-Album)!

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For several years, I have been working to discover the artist that I am, to understand the ways that I must take to express my voice and above all, to share with you my emotions through my songs.






I was confronted with many experiences where I had the opportunity to have you at my side. You have supported me in my different projects as well as in the strength of my successes, which are today so many experiences that allow me to realize this new project.



The Voice UK - Performance :



The Voice UK: 'It was a guy' Gavin Rossdale SHAMES Tom Jones over awkward gender blunder



I decided to embark on the development of an EP (Mini-Album) that will reflect the artist I am intrinsically. To accomplish this beautiful work, several musicians (pianist, violinists, cellists) will join me. 

I joined an excellent British composer in order to exploit my voice through original and tailor-made compositions, but also in a style and writing that I particularly cherish.


This EP will be the best way for me to express my musical universe.    


Wasting my young years - Kevin Prone (cover)


Thank you in advance for the major contribution that you will make to the realization of this project which is close to my heart!






Kevin Prone was born in September 1991 in Martinique.


Since childhood, his decisions are punctuated by his passion for the art of music.


At an audition to integrate a group of musical comedy in 2004, he was chosen to ensure the leading role of a lyrical work written and directed in order to report child abuse. Added to the success undoubtedly of benefit, it was a first experience of great value, enabling it to clarify its objectives and flourish.


Kevin's first stage


His goal: to transmit his emotions and his world through his voice.


In 2010, Kevin left Martinique and moved to France. He wants to continue his studies and take opportunities that will allow him to create his place in the musical world.


Always seeking for new experiences, he enters the cast of the New Gospel Family group. By becoming a member there, he discovers the benefits of choral singing that allow him to share his passion and that teach him to be in tune with his universe; a world where the unveiling of the feelings and the free expression of the artist's heart opens a door toward his goal.


Always in search of more experience and evolution, Kevin leaves the Gospel group.


Endowed with a voice of countertenor, he decides to walk on the tracks of big names of the operatic kind and of his vocal range, such as Farinelli or, more recently, Philippe Jaroussky.


In 2014, the young countertenor travelled across several regions of France and Belgium to go in front of a public eager to discover the uniqueness of his vocal range. It is in a Baroque repertoire that Kevin has emerged and truly conquered the spectators.


High Voice Tour

High Voice Tour


He also had the great opportunity to lend his voice to the recording of the trailer of a short film. The film, titled « Verset Criminel », was selected in the Short Film Corner category of the 68th Festival de Cannes.


Verset Criminel - Trailer


Living now in London, Kevin develops new projects more surprising than the others in the aim of exploiting his voice in a more contemporary way.


Kevin, Magician of Florence




Melty Interview : "Croire en mon rêve, Suivre ma voix"

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This funding will serve to remunerate the entire team that will work to realize this project, from the production to the complete post-production of the EP: (Composer, Musicians, Producers), recording studio days, mixing, mastering , the artwork (CD artwork), the pressing, the communication, and the counterparts that will be offered to you.


Recording, Mixing, Mastering 3500 € 

Composer/Author 350 €

Musicians 750 €

Pressing 1050 €

Artwork 470 €

Communication 450 €

Counterpart 460 €

Creation of a website 1050 €

Kisskissbankbank commission 660 €


TOTAL : 8750 €

NB: If the set amount of money is not reached, you will all be refunded within 48 hours by KissKissBankBank and, of course, I will not receive any payment!


Once the fundraising campaign has been completed, I will be able to start working in the studio on the different tracks, which should take a month and a half for my team and myself (Rehearsals, Recordings, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork and CD Pressing, etc.).

We expect to make this EP available from May 2017 onwards.  


The funds raised on this financing platform will be entirely transferred to a professional account that I have dedicated to the project. This funding will be on my aegis.  


If this project is successful beyond the budget that has been set, my team and I will work on the production of a video clip with the help of an artistic director. My greatest desire is to lead you into my universe, and this second step will help. Always in search of developing my career, I also have the ambition to make several performances  in France and England.

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