PWA world cup windsurf freestyle Fuerteventura

I am excited to participate at the PWA worldcup next stop in Fuerteventura !

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PWA world cup windsurf freestyle Fuerteventura

My name is Sam ESTEVE, I am 17 and I windsurf since my 5 years old.

I live at 100 meters from the beach,in the south of France. Every morning when I wake up I go directly check the sea to define which activity I can practice with the daily weather when I'm not at school.

My life is resumed between: wind, waves and snow !!!



My talent

"I am quite good in freestyle, moving in the air with my windsurf board is one of my talents. But this talent is not here when you born, you have to practice a lot before to arrive at the top. I started like everybody making small moves, and with practice I did bigger moves".


So what is my passion for me?

"It is present all the time, it is my life: I eat board, I shower board, I sleep board, you know?

This is my drug, a lifestyle ! "



My personality

Optimistic, always full of projects, I like to go to the end of them .

"I do not like to stay down"



It would be great to participate at the worldcup Fuerteventura this year, from the 24 to the 28 July 2015

My goal : to arrive on the top 15 world freestyle windsurfers this year, making all stages of the worldcup.

I have already participated at 2 stages of the PWA worldcup:

- 1st Rookie and qualified for the tow-in final where I finished 9th in Leucate, France 2 months ago

- 3rd French in tow-in Podersdorf, Austria. The freestyle competition was cancelled because it was enough windy.

I would like to arrive a week before the competition for practice and familiarize myself with the spot. Once there, my adventure will be broadcast on Meltyextrem (my partner), my facebook page (Sam Esteve F-79), twitter (Sam Esteve) and instagram (Sam Esteve).

Waar dient de collecte voor

For the transport, Perpignan-Fuerteventura-Perpignan: 250 euros

Housing, food, car rental 1000 euros

Registration for the competition: 180 euros

KissKissBankBank Commission: 120 euros

TOTAL: 1550 euros


Then, I would like to continue the adventure participating on the 4th PWA, the last one, in Germany in the end of September . So do not hesitate to overfill the jackpot, the money will finance the second project !

A big thank you to my windsurf gear sponsors: jp-Autralia, neilpryde, npsurf who trust in me and give me the chance to progress through the high-performance hardware.



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