Quatre Heures d’Ô Rage

Comedy. Date. Stood up. Swearwords. Phone calls. Swearwords again. Pouillage de tête. Musical. hysteria. Betrayal...

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Quatre Heures d’Ô Rage



O rage, O despair, in Alex's life, who had planned to seduce Sandrine by inviting her to a musical ( adapted from "The Cid" by Corneille). But she lets him down four hours before the show. Reselling the tickets is turning out to be a real nuisance, which results in Alex having words with all his friends.



Note of intent 


«Quatre Heures d’Ô Rage» (Four Hours of Storm) is an 11 minutes short-film made of 78% comedy, 12%  social satire, 8% general knowledge, 2% bagel but forget the onions: I’ve got a date tonight! To sum up we have : 

- 8,35 minutes of «Ahahaha», 

- 79,10 seconds of «It's so true!», 

- 52,40 seconds of fact-checking on Wikipedia

- 13,10 seconds of smoked turkey smell.


The movie is all about the main character personality : Alex.

30 years old, single, he's usually conciliative with his circle and the girls he meets. But this new mishap will really drive him into a corner. How will he manage to resell two tickets in four hours, when all the rage from years of frustration just explode ?


To tell this story with meaning, we chose a rhythmic staging, very short shots, hand-held filming all along. A staging who looks like Alex's personality who lose patience quickly when he doesn't get what he wants.


The cinematography is mostly inspired by anglo-saxon comedies, natural but elaborate. Some references :









The leading actor is still not assigned yet





Laure Lapeyre (Sandrine), supporting actress





Sébastien Gill (Edward), supporting actor







Cinematographer : Jimmy Boutry



Production Manager : Alice Nourrit

Editor : Benjamin Nitzer

FX : Romain Bourzeix

Composer : Maxime Villalonga

Making-of : Héloïse Morel

Script Doctor : Pierre Ferriere & Héloïse Morel


For the moment...



Technical Specs


The film will be shot with an Arri Alex, 2,35:1 ratio. Well, I think we had a look at the question from all sides…







Project creator


Maxime Villalonge (so, myself! ): screenwriter / director

But also photographer, graphic designer, composer and color technician if I have some free time.


My previous film was a short-film-look-alike advertising for a communication agency :




I’ve been Art Director for 12 years, working for famous companies (Publicis, Ogilvy...). Photographer for 6 years, and published many times in french magazines (Destination magazine, Le Figaro...).







In 2013 I’m second unit commercial director (QNB & QNB Sports) working with Sean Ellis.

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