Qui miel me suive

In Paris, honey that brings back together nature and concrete. Urban nectar, modern & natural. Made with love and respect for traditions

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Qui miel me suive

Passion for bees picked me little by little. Encounters, neighbors who were beekeepers, the habit of watching bees gathering nectar from my flowers, the wish to take concrete steps to a healthier world, the pleasure to treat my friends to my own honey. But you don't turn into a beekeeper like that. One needs to learn how to treat bees avoid diseases, allow bees to have all the necessary resources, learn the law and regulations ... iWell, after a year spending my Saturday mornings at the Luxembourg Gardens, I graduated! And I feel ready for this new challenge..

So here we are ! Kall I have to do now is to set hives on the flat roof of our home. With your help it will soon become a reality.

"Follow me, honey" invites you to participate in your own style, to protecting bees and to participate in an environment friendly hive and flora management. Your donation will allow the initial establishment of an nonprofit apiary with three hives, the necessary equipment for the apiary and for the honey extraction. A glass hive would allow fun activities and awareness workshops, mainly for children.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The main collection will be used to complete an apiary of 3 colonies as well as all the equipment to extract honey installation.

My choice fell on Dadant hives. This is a very common hive pattern in France, moreover, the one I've learned to work with. Other types of hive, more natural, or specific seem interesting to me. I plan to install some a little later, as I gain more expertise.


The prices compose as below

3 complete hives with all needed in the apiary (smoker, feeders, frames, grids, hive …) 850 €

3 swarms: € 510

Equipment to extract/collect honey (uncapping tray, extractor, soaker, knife, comb

Potting and labeling); € 610


If I exceed my goal, I will be able to get specific equipment fot presentations to children; Suit for visitors (adults and children) € 50 dress, and especially a glazed single-frame hive to allow precise observation of the queen and the work of bees € 70.

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