Quodat, all release dates grouped on one website

Support Quodat, a website gathering together release dates, to be kept informed of upcoming releases among more than 70 categories.

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Quodat, all release dates grouped on one website

Please, note that English isn't Quodat's creator first language.

Quodat, the project


Quodat is a website gathering release dates allowing you to be kept informed of each new release and to access it as simply as possible, for any categories, the aim being to group absolutely all the releases from all possible sectors.

No need to navigate from website to website in order to be kept informed of the latest cinema, music, video game and even event releases.

You will now just have to follow the categories that interest you the most among more than 70 to be kept informed of the different release dates in your news feed and add them to your calendar in order to be notified on the day of the release.

The origins of this idea

Quodat was born on the desk of a computer science student with the desire to be kept informed of the latest cinema releases, in order to be the first to watch a movie so as not to be spoiled.

None of the rare websites that I had been able to visit then met my expectations: indeed, I wasn't looking for a catalog that would indicate a release date for a movie, but a feed of movies releases for which I wouldn't even have bothered to search for their title. Worse, if I ever wanted to know when the new season of a series or an anime was coming out, I had to find another reference website on the subject.

It was at that point that I decided to create this platform with many features and aspirations.

Home page of a user with from left to right: the exploration menu, the news feed settings, the news feed with the different release dates, and the release details sheet.

The spirit and aspirations of Quodat

The willingness to share and help

Quodat goal above all is to be a sharing space. Each release date has a comment section where you can debate with others about your enthusiasm or not about a release. You will also have access to the sources of the release date.

Indeed, you can publish at any time your own release dates (actually we encourage you to) if you are a creator, or add the release dates of which you are aware.

In which case, in order to verify the veracity of the information provided, the website offers a system of sources, intended to know how you got access to this information and share it with others. A bit like Wikipedia.

A strong amount of choice

Quodat was originally designed to simplify access to the release dates of movies, series, music or video games, because it's these categories that we might think of first.

However, there are countless areas in which enthusiasts or specialists are eagerly awaiting the release date of a product without having easy access to this information. Some are eagerly awaiting the release of a pair of shoes, the new clothing collection of the season, a new jeweler’s watch, a new phone, a keyboard, or even the next supercar of their dreams.

Another popular type of category is events.

When will this concert be? What about this show ? When will the next football match be?

An inauguration or an exhibition, regrouping the dates of all these events rather than having to find the specialized site remains more pleasant.

To be able to offer all these categories, Quodat has chosen to group these release dates among 8 main categories, themselves having from 7 to 17 subcategories, bringing it all to more than 70 categories.

It's not just a release date

What makes Quodat the strongest is that the website not only offers you the release date of what you have decided to follow, it also allows you to access it as simply and directly as possible.

For this, let's take the example of the release of a music album.

Quodat is not just going to tell you that it will be available in 1 month. It will tell you the release dates of the different countries, because some may have the privilege of having access to it sooner. It will also and above all, indicate the platforms where you can access this release. In the case of our album, you will have links to the various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soudcloud, Apple Music, etc. And this is available for all categories. The movies will have links to Netflix, Amazon Prime or ticket reservation websites for theaters, books to bookstores or sales outlets, as well as games.

Details page of a release, with from left to right: the exploration menu, important information about the release (in particular the most recent release date), the comment zone, then the release panel by country, with their platforms, associated date, redirection link and possibility of adding to your calendar.

The team behind Quodat

As mentioned in the part dedicated to the idea of the project, the idea came from a single computer student, and "the team" is actually this only student.

If I stop talking about myself in the third person, it gives Maxime Ambry, 23 years old and web developer for almost 2 years now after obtaining a French license as Web Developer (Bachelor equivalent). I’ve already had the opportunity to put many of my ideas in place through many other websites, but none that lived up to my ambition and appreciation for this one. Quodat is for me the culmination of years of thinking for only 6 months of development. It seems right to say that the will, the passion and above all the ideas are there and that the website is far from being finished.

Through this crowdfunding, I seek to bring the website to be self-sufficient but I need to be able to devote myself to it full time, and if possible no longer do it all by my self.

Personal website: https://www.maxime-ambry.fr

Contribute to Quodat other than with money

If you cannot give but still want to support the project, you can first talk about it and follow us on our social networks by accessing the social networks section of this page.

More directly and in the manner of a Wikipedia page, you can create an account and add your own release dates of which you are aware and for which you would like to keep other users informed or report those which seem to be incorrect. For that, you can consult the page "How to contribute on Quodat" for more details:


Waar dient de collecte voor

Use of the money

If you like the idea and you plan to finance the online launch of the site, this will not be the case since the site is already online after 6 long months of development!

But I can no longer live on my savings, the purpose of this collection is now to fill and maintain the site so that it can live on its own in the long term. There are still so many things to do, things I certainly haven't even thought of yet!

The main functionalities of Quodat having already been developed, the aim is now to maintain the site in its content as well as in its functionalities for at least 6 other months. In terms of cost, this means:

  • Six months salary at the minimum french wage in order to maintain the site full time.
  • One year of web hosting on OVH. Note that if the website grows, this part may change for a bigger hosting.
  • The 8% commission from KissKissBankBank.

In order for the site to live on its own, it is important that it reaches as many people as possible. For this, I had the opportunity to promote a few Facebook posts from my own savings, but this small amount is clearly not enough to reach a sufficiently large audience. This is why, part of the budget would also be devoted to the marketing of the site.

Let's see even further

If things go well and the project is really appreciated, I would like to be able to share this work with another person.

In numbers

In order to be as precise and transparent as possible, here are the exact amounts (in red on the image) and their application (calculation made on June 5, 2020):

  • Minimum wage salary: 1539.42€ / month
  • Hosting of the site on OVH: 86.26€ / year, or 7.19€ / month
  • Site domain name on OVH: 9.99€ / year, or 0.83€ / month
  • 8% commission to add on the amount obtained: 746.62€

In summary, and more generally we would have this:


If you would like to be kept informed of the features being added for which this funding will be subject, you can consult this page:


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