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Hi everyone!

We are two Belgian artists, known under the stage names R.O and Konoba. 

We are about to embark on a unique and remarkable adventure: starting 1 April 2018, we will be traveling for 10 months, across 10 countries, making 10 new tracks

Each month, we will travel across a different country, discovering it’s most beautiful or important parts, meeting people, playing live shows wherever we can, embracing every adventure life decides to throw at us. More importantly, we will be constantly composing and producing new music on the road. The goal is to release one new song each month, a song we will have entirely created while traveling across the country, along with a music video made of images captured throughout the journey. 

By the end of the challenge, we will have released ten new tracks, one for each country, to be released as 1 full album




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In total, we need a budget of 30.000€


8.000€ - Studios / Mixing / Mastering

- Renting recording studios throughout the trip

- Each track will be mixed by top engineer Charles De Schutter at Rec'n'Roll Studio in Brussels 

- Paying for professional mastering engineer and studio


8.000€ - Music Videos

Each of the 10 new tracks will have it's own music video, and this budget will be used to hire professional video makers. 


8.000€ - PR Companies

We will hire a PR company for each country we visit. Their role is to promote the project and our music to the press, including newspapers/magasines, online, radios, TV, ..


4.000€ - Rewards

- Printing CDs, Vinyls and T-shirts

- All expenses directly linked to making and delivering the rewards


2.000€ - Graphic Design

- Photos

- Artwork

- Graphic Design

- Webdesign





We met in 2015 and quickly decided to start collaborating. Just a few months later, we composed “On Our Knees” which quickly became a huge hit online, with over 20  million views to date across all platforms.



We decided to keep working together and we released a second single together, called “Get Home”. The track was notably used by famous US dancer and choreographer Sean Lew.



While working on a series of different project together, we proved to be particularly complementary and many have described the partnership as a classic example of “the whole being greater than the sum of its parts”. R.O’s impressive electronic production skills provide powerful and rich beats and synths while Konoba’s haunting vocal melodies and harmonies add a thick layer of emotion and catchiness.

A new 5 track EP was released on March 16! You can listen to it EVERYWHERE online, including right here: 



We always try to get out of our comfort zone and do things in a new way. Musically, we are not afraid to mix new styles and influences or use new sounds and instruments. At the end, every song has to be unique and interesting one way or another.

Here's a little challenge we set ourselves for fun: we recorded sounds around Brussels for 2 days and recreated our single On Our Knees using ONLY these sounds. 



Or this, we were invited to perform a live show in the french mountains last month. We also had time to enjoy ourselves, and to record sounds everywhere. When we came home we made this little track and video: 



If you have any comment or questions, please get in touch at this address:


You can follow our adventures everyday on Instagram:







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KONOBACOUSTIC - Konoba comes to your house and performs an acoustic show + 2 FAN PACK (please contact us first if outside of Belgium)
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