Raid Amazones 2016 - Burning Heart

Share a beautiful adventure, on a human side, and to support a good cause: THE AMAZON RAID, from November 12th to 20th 2016

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Raid Amazones 2016 - Burning Heart

Hello everybody,


Here we are, two friends from France (Vanessa) and Switzerland (Celine)




...and we decided to take part, this year at the Amazon Raid 2016. Why did we decide that?


Because it is a beautiful adventure, on many sides...  100% girls challenge, this is a human adventure we're looking forward to share with you all. Solidarity is the main word, no place for the "Me, myself and I" but only for the TEAM.


This is the only sport challenge that goes through the world and takes different locations each year, for girls only, the "Amazon Raid" went previously to Kenya, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Malaysia, Cambodia and Bali.


During 6 days, all teams will have to push their limits, in various sport challenges, such as mountainbiking, trekking, running, kayak... Each morning we will have a sport challenge, and each afternoon is dedicated to the tourism/discovery of the areas and surroundings. That's how it goes with the Amazon Raid.


This is the 15th edition, and it will take us this year to California. From November 12th to 20th.


In Palm Springs area, to be exact....




The success of this unique event is explained by a concept that is based on actual values such as discovering, solidarity, and pushing your own limits further and further. Good mood is also one of the main ingredients for this event.


Here you can see the general mood that goes on during the raid's, this one was from Bali 2015



In addition of the adventure, we will support a french association called "Cent Familles" (Hundred families) that takes care of kids, some of them are orphan, some of them have family problems and they have to be removed from their parents' place, and some have parents that are not able to take care of them, so the association takes the parents' role to make sure each and every kid meets the best of his abilities, and fullfill his own path and dreams.


Their website is in French only, but don't hesitate to contact us for more details about it, if you're not familiar with French language. Here's the link to them anyway : Cent Familles


Every extra cent will be donated to the Charity, we'll do things before, and during the Raid to raise more money for them. When you participate, you help us to reach one of our dreams AND more important, you help kids in need. On behalf of them, we can only say




Waar dient de collecte voor

To make this dream come true, we thought about it for a long time, and now we've got the "Eye Of The Tiger". Also we think that doing this for a great cause is an extra good reason to push our limits and invest ourselves to the maximum, even more....


The money raised on this crowdfunding will be wired to our bank account. It will help us to pay for our subscription for the RAID, and as said previously every additional cent will be given to Cent Familles.


Total costs for this adventure for our two girls team is : 8'728 € all taxes included.


(This is WITHOUT the funds for Cent Familles.)



This price includes:


- Flights round trip from Paris to Los Angeles (1300€ all taxes included for 2)


All financial costs up to a total of 7428 € all taxes included: 


This will be used for various things as follows:


- Transfer from L.A. International to Palm Springs' camp for the Raid. Handled by ZBO, the organisation team.

- Hospitality, food

- Logistical costs

- All material needs, such as bikes, kayaks, shirts, bike helmets....

- Medical Health Care if needed before, during and after the sport challenges


Of course it's quite a big amount, that's why we fixed a goal that seems possible to reach for this crowdfunding.


To reach this goal, we are counting on you, but also on supports, to help us pay our subscription for this challenge that we are looking forward to accomplish. The sponsors will have their own logo on our backpacks, bike helmets and shirts, which will bring them a media exposure, as there are lots of media partners of the Amazon Raid.


During the whole trip, we'll keep you in the loop of our sportive achievements, with a subscription to our newsletter and also with the numerous media partners:




Of course, we also will take pictures and videos of our trip, and will share them on our social networks' pages. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook


You can also, if you are a society, or even a good heart ;) choose to sponsor us. In France, your donation is tax deductible, and you will get the VAT back as well (20%)


Don't hesitate to contact us for more details, we'll be happy to answer you as fast as possible.


Here's the movie from the Amazon Raid in Bali 2015 (Full Movie). Beautiful landscapes, awesome adventure and lifetime memories to treasure, all in just one week... if this ain't Heaven, it seems pretty close :) Hope this will give you the envy to help us make it happen, for us, and for the kids :)




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