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To keep the dream alive in 2021, support the one and only French progressive metal festival.

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Ready For Prog Festival 2021

<ul> <li><strong>Act I&nbsp;: Scenes From A Memory</strong></li> </ul> <p>You know this Dream Theater album released in 1999.</p> <p>For us, it&#39;s the founding album of our passion for progressive metal.</p> <p>Many years later, this passion turned into a dream.</p> <p>The dream of organizing a festival entirely dedicated to the music that has thrilled us for 20 years.</p> <p>The project really took shape in 2015 with the meeting of Romain Castel and Hatem Ben Ismail.</p> <p>Romain dreamed of organizing this festival that was so dear to his heart, Hatem was already organizing shows in Toulouse and its region through his association Cultur&#39;Prom.</p> <p>The dream became reality.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Act II&nbsp;: When Dream And Day Unite</strong></li> </ul> <p>The first edition took place in 2018, the 12th and 13th of October, in the Metronum hall of Toulouse (under the name Very For Prog Festival).</p> <p>With a dream line-up: Sons Of Apollo, Caligula&#39;s Horse, DGM, Persefone, Soul Secret, Spheric Universe Experience, Amon Sethis, Taotopia.</p> <p>A numerous and conquered public, a family and good-natured atmosphere, 2 intense days of joy and good mood entirely dedicated to progressive metal, this first edition was a great success.</p> <p>For Romain and Hatem, no doubt, the dream had to continue with the organization of a second edition.</p> <p>Luc Mill&eacute;sime joined the team as communication manager and Romain went back to work to concoct a new program with a greatest of care.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <ul> <li><strong>Act III&nbsp;: The Astonishing</strong></li> </ul> <p>To surprise while remaining yourself, aligned with your values and passion, is the spirit of the festival.</p> <p>For its second edition, the Very For Prog Festival had to change its name to the Ready For Prog Festival.</p> <p>It doesn&#39;t really matter, the essential is elsewhere.</p> <p>The essential is to never compromise on the quality of the programming while keeping the festival&#39;s budget under control and keeping intact what makes its identity: a festival on a human scale where the audience feels good to listen to their favorite music in the best conditions.</p> <p>From an acoustic point of view, the Metronum of Toulouse is ideal for progressive metal, a music that hardly tolerates approximation in terms of sound rendering.</p> <p>As for the budget, the festival has no subsidies and is organized on the founders&#39; own funds.</p> <p>But a tight budget doesn&#39;t prevent to be creative.</p> <p>The second edition of the Ready For Prog Festival took place in 2019, the 11th and 12th of October, with a line-up as exceptional as ever given the size of the festival:</p> <p>Pain Of Salvation, Threshold, Special Providence, Eldritch, Manigance, Shattered Skies, Mobius, Upon Us All.</p> <p>And a Warm-up on October the 6th with Between The Buried And Me and Anima Tempo.</p> <p>The feedback from the audience was once again excellent thanks to the very high level performances&nbsp;of all the artists and an even sharper organization of the festival and all its volunteers.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>(a part of the team, from left to right : Laure, Steven, Hatem, Romain, Luc and Cecile)</p> <p>On the other hand, the revenues were not as high as expected.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <ul> <li><strong>Act IV&nbsp;: Black Clouds &amp; Silver Linings</strong></li> </ul> <p>The black clouds that have darkened the festival&#39;s finances have not, however, marred our motivation to organize a new edition.</p> <p>In February 2020, everything was ready to welcome in Toulouse the third edition of the Ready For Prog Festival the 30 and 31th of October.</p> <p>With a line-up just as attractive as in previous years.</p> <p>On the program : Leprous, Darkwater, M&ouml;rglbl, Uneven Structure, Poem, Jack the Joker, Conscience, Altesia</p> <p>Only beautiful people once again.</p> <p>We sold a few dozen tickets in March.</p> <p>And then the virus killed the dream for 2020.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <ul> <li><strong>Act V&nbsp;: A Dramatic Turn Of Events</strong></li> </ul> <p>We had to face the facts and make this decision, with a heavy heart.</p> <p>Too many uncertainties, too many constraints, too many health risks, too many financial risks.</p> <p>The only thing we are sure of is that it is impossible to organize concerts with the current health measures and above all that we do not want to put you at any risk.</p> <p>The third edition of the festival is therefore postponed to next year on the 22th and 23th of october !</p> <p>The good news is that all bands have confirmed their presence for 2021.</p> <p>But between now and then, we have to hold on financially.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Act VI&nbsp;: Train Of Thought</strong></li> </ul> <p>We thought hard.</p> <p>We made the calculations.</p> <p>We thought about requests for help and subsidies.</p> <p>But progressive metal is a music of enthusiasts, not institutions.</p> <p>The Ready For Prog Festival must remain independent to always better satisfy you.</p> <p>And above all, this festival is yours.</p> <p>You proved it to us by choosing yourselves by poll the headliner of the next edition.</p> <p>So we decided to call on you to support it.</p> <p>Crowdfunding has emerged as the best solution to keep the festival alive and stronger than ever after the health crisis we are going through.</p> <p>With you and thanks to you, we will be able to offer you in 2021 the festival of your dreams, with bands you love, playing the music that makes you vibrate, in an atmosphere that over the years you have been able to make so warm.</p> <p>&quot;Together we stand, divided we fall. &raquo;</p> <p>This sentence from Pink Floyd&#39;s &#39;Hey You&#39; is more topical than ever.</p>

Allocation of funds

<ul> <li><strong>Act VII&nbsp;: Awake</strong></li> </ul> <p>The aim of this funds is to keep the festival&#39;s finances afloat so that we can organise the Ready For Prog Festival 2021 in the best possible conditions.</p> <p>For our part, we will continue to be volunteers. In fact, we have never had the intention of paying ourselves and we have already paid quite a few things out of our own pocket without ever regretting it.</p> <p>We only have one life, so we might as well live it by satisfying our passion and investing in what makes us tick.</p> <p>On the other hand, the management of the festival requires cash advances that we will find it difficult to assume alone because of the postponement of the 2020 edition.</p> <p>The purpose of this crowdfunding is to meet this need.</p> <p>In the end, the overall distribution will be as follows:</p> <ul> <li>Manufacturing costs for T-shirts: &euro;500.</li> <li>Manufacturing costs for masks: &euro;500.</li> <li>Manufacturing costs for other goodies: &euro;300.</li> <li>Equipment purchase/rental: &euro;800</li> <li>Poster/flyer printing costs: &euro;400.</li> <li>Room rental fee: &euro;2000.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li><strong>Act VIII&nbsp;: Images And Words</strong></li> </ul> <p>In exchange for your participation and depending on the amount you wish to invest, we offer you some very cool rewards.</p> <p>Goodies with the festival logo,</p> <p>But also VIP passes with backstage access to follow the artists, attend the sound check and concerts and share meals with the staff.</p> <p>Everything is explained in the &quot;Choose your reward&quot; section. Let yourself be guided!</p> <p>Many thanks in advance to all future contributors.</p> <p style="text-align:center"><strong>And long live prog metal!</strong></p>


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1 Neck lace Ready For Prog Festival


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T-shirt 2019 Men/Women Black or White (check availability of sizes and colors) (free shipping for this item !)


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      VIP friday pass, (access to backstage + meal in evening and proximity with bands + access to friday shows) + 1 T-shirt + 1 Mask + 1 Neck lace + 1 Sticker


        Bass drum head (22") collector Very Prog Festival print from 2018 edition ! Drummers from DGM, Persefone, Taotopia, Amon Sethis, Soul Secret and Spheric Universe Experience have played with this drum head !


          Bass drum head (22") collector Ready For Prog Festival print from 2019 edition ! Drummers from Pain Of Salvation and Threshold have played with this drum head !


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          VIP saturday pass, (access to backstage + mean in evening and proximity with bands + access to saturday shows) + 1 T-shirt + 1 Mask + 1 Neck lace + 1 Sticker

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          LIFE PASS V.I.P !!! Whether there is 1 or 30 editions, with this pack you will enjoy a lifetime entry on all future editions of the Ready For Prog Festival! you will be part of the family of the festival! ATTENTION: The pack (T-shirt, Sticker, Mask, Neck) will only be offered once!