PHOTOJOURNALISM with FUJI VOL : Rachat matériel photo. ( photojournalisme)

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Hello everybody, I am a press photographer who has been in the industry for 3 years now and unfortunately all my photography gear got stolen from me violently in the streets of Paris one week ago. I was coming back from a reportage about the "Jungle in Calais" where I twisted my ankle when some people, after spotting I had difficulties walking, kicked me in the leg to make me fall down et run away with my working gear (a Canon 5D mkIII and a 40mm lens). Under the urgency and to be able to keep working without having to ask for camera gear to my colleagues (again, thank you all) I have decided to acquire a Fuji X Pro1 for my professional work. The price for the camera gear (rich people's sport as they say!) does not allow me, currently, to get my hands on the equipment I originally worked with. (3000 euros body only). This explains why my accquisition of the Fuji to be able to produce work. Pitty and good bye video capabilities... I have a budget of 1900 euros in total aimed at purchasing this new camera equipment I require although I would like to get to a safe 1500 euros. Regarding the additional details I must say I currently am a freelance photographer for the french photo agency CIRIC (http://www.photociric.com/fr) as well as the Italien photo agency Nurphoto (http://www.nurphoto.com/en) who are in charge of distributing my work. My work can be seen in my website http://www.michaelbunel.com Thank you all.




Calais : Octobre 2015. copyright michael bunel / CIRIC





Salviansk / Ukraine : The Slaviansk Watchmen . ( shortliste au prix Roger pic de la Scam 2015)




Hongrie : Sur la route ( travail en cours ) 2015. 




Istanbul / Turquie : Taksim, l'arbre qui cachait la forêt.  Juin 2013. 

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the money will be use to buy the following Fuji.



 1 boitier fuji x-pro1 : 500 euros

 18 mm : 375 euros

 27 mm : 390 euros

 35 mm : 550 euros


3 lenshoods : 21 euros

3 filters 52 mm : environ 30 euros

2 batteries : 26 euros. 


J arrive donc à un total de : 1892 euros







Encore merci à toutes et tous. 

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