Réflexion, projet photographique

Help me create my first photo exhibition !

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Réflexion, projet photographique

Hi everyone !

I'm Claire, I've been studying photography in Paris for 3 years now, and in order of getting my diploma, I'll open at the end of June 2018 my first exhibition ! For this, I'm currently working on creating a photo portfolio, writing an essay and making a photo series, all three dealing with the representation of spiritual in photography.


I'm passionate about all forms of art, and particularly how artists can touch and affect us, communicate a part of themselves through an association of forms, notes or colors. Even if photography is sometimes seen as different form of art, maybe one of the most objective, I'd like to show that it can allow an artist to express himself, and be the occasion of a contemplation for the public.


So i'm really happy to be able to present my work and thoughts to you, but this being an expensive project, I'm asking for your help !



In exchange for your participation, I can offer you prints of my photos from my main series Réflexion, as well as my portfolio series In Praise of shadows.
If you're interested in my project but can't afford to participate, you can of course come to the public exhibition, June 28th from 10am to 7pm, at the Ecole de Condé, Paris 15th !


About the project creator



My name is Claire, I'm 25 and I live in Paris ! I'm passionate about everything in the arts and culture world, which is why I started to study photography, in order to develop an artistic activity that would allow me to express myself and share what I like. During the last three years, I learned a lot about myself and could express a lot of things I care about thanks to a photographic style between documentary and plastic art. Beyond artistic creation, I'm interested in all the organization aspects of the creation of cultural project, which is the field I would like to work in later :)

Waar dient de collecte voor

I will collect the totality of the funds, which will help my pay for the exhibition prints, the portfolio and the prints of my essay :

- 7-10 prints, 80x60cm for the exhibition : approximately 700€

- 20 prints,  40x30cm for the portfolio : approximately 150€

- A 60 pages essay, printed in 4 copies : approximately 180€

If the collected amount goes beyond the goal I fixed, I could use the extra money to have a more sophisticated scenography (add a specific floor cover, decoration, lightening...).

An 8% commission goes to kisskissbankbank.

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