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I discovered AC/DC in 1978 ... I received an autographed album in 2009 !

I’m a French musician who wishes with your  precious help to greet them with songs inspired by this so particular link that the band knew how to create with their audience around the world, and if you know me you do know how much my investment is total when it’s about something to initiate in relation with AC/DC. if you don’t know me ( I’m so famous in my village of 200 inhabitants between cows and pigs) well, you  see, I wrote twelve songs for the band and each member trying to exprim a universal feeling and even if you’re not a fan you are welcome because it’s about participing in something totaly crazy, support the project of a fool artist and by the way to greet one of the bigger rock band in the world !

" Everything is possible "

I continue …

Since severals years all my productions are closely linked to the Australian combo, five of my home videos had the honor to appear a moment on their official web site, suscriber of my Twitter  account (3rd ) In 2009 I received a Black Ice autographed vinyl album by the five members, it was a contest organized on !

You may imagine my amazement, my joy, my little home video posted on the web will stay three years on the official web site as well : here’s a copy of my Rock’n’roll train cover, unbelievable  «  SO BIG » for me admirer since my tean age. 

AC/DC it’s more than 200 millions cds sold in the world :)

Those last years weren’t been tender with the Young’s family and I should like to create a  momentum  with all the willing people to say thank you, thanks for all the happy moments passed listening to this music so unique printed of such a positive energy !

Now’s the time ! join me and let's blow up this album dedicated to the band, my chance here having the opportunity to write songs doesn’t help if you don’t get involved heart & soul.

Come on let’s go crazy to salute the one who’s still there and nevertheless for who it won’t be so easy to continue the incredible adventure of the AC/DC’s machine, I'm talking about Mr Angus Young

héro of the Rock’s planet !

I am so grateful having received this dedicated vinyl and I quickly created the rock power trio « Alternative »

We be playing some AC/DC’s songs and mine as well

here are two live titles that will appear on the upcoming opus :


2) Never give up playing Rock'n'roll

Thank Chris Slade & Stevie Young

the formula seduces a lot and we have a lot of fun playing together, after composing the 12 songs of which 2 in collaboration with Susan Masino US AC/DC's biographer it's time for me to finish the work and finally edit this unique album " produced " at once by people from all over the world ...

"JAMMING WITH YOU " is my last song and it’s a little glimpse of what the album will sound like caus I would love getting closer to that particular sound  I want to listen &  produce

As you see my investment is total and you are indispensable for the realization of this gift that I would offer with you !
So as Angus says
" ready to go ? "

I have invested everything to make my dream comes true : full life change - EVERYTHING FOR MUSIC MY PASSION ! Now  I think BIG because you are here with me and your involvement will help my dream :)  join this project I promess that your identity will be visible on it !
Tenderness and thanks

Fred :)






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