RENART Shake moi çà!

New SHAKER, New Way of Living the Bar! Help us and be the first to participate in the Adventure RENART!

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RENART Shake moi çà!

RENART launches its range of utensils designed for professional and passionate bartenders. Born from the desire of a new generation that aspires to more personality,   RENART out of his burrow to allow each bartender to offer his vision of the bar.





                                     "RENART CHANGE THE BAR ..."

                                                    Atypical bars explodes charm and creativity ...  

A new generation of passionate and creative bartenders, with their beards and mustaches, their tree straps on the chest and tattoos shouting freedom, is on ...  




Unfortunately forced to work with standardized hardware and do not reflect the style of each.  



                               "What do you think?"           




RENART make a beautiful material, craft and personalized, both revisiting the classics of art deco and a working style OldSchool ...



RENART a new way to experience the Bar, the French!









        RENART up his sleeves and checked the challenge


  "I promise you neither fame nor fortune, but I put in your hands the tool of your freedom."







                     "RENART MET HAND TO THE PAW"




      RENART wants to invest the French site and take part in the revival of the Golden Age of the cocktail and the desire to undertake in France, offering different ranges of equipment, from French craftsmanship.  

Produced in limited series or custom customized templates, such a collection of haute couture, with the idea of creating unique pieces thanks to you!      



Our range: - SHAKER - JIGGER - BARSPOON Cocktail - BAG transportation Leather - CLOTHINGS -        


Our Shakers are stamped with quality stainless steel food plate party Boston is engraved glass and the cup Inox Shaker.                  


sTAINLESS STEEL PART 800ml / 28oz - 470ml glass BOSTON    


All RENART creations will be sold in high-end cases, for your enjoyment.





                           "IN THE HEART OF THE TERRIER"



FOX revisits the famous "Boston Shaker", mainly used today by bartenders around the world by dressing craft engravings. . We also want to work on the legendary "Shaker Parisien" and dress the "Three Pieces" later in the year. RENART offer more veneer 18K, Silver, Copper, on all grounds to make them stand out elegantly. (Our plating are quality 5 layers.)     Our shakers are customizable with your name, surname or other writing and who will be intimately linked to its owner object.     (Example of Shaker Engraved on behalf of LENNY in CORSE)






                                     "RENART and his band ..."

  Some personalities of the bar scene as well as artists, we will honor to participate in collaborative projects with the brand, offering more limited editions,                                                                                  Notice to collectors!                                                                                       "A RENART in KissKissBankBank"                      So to succeed RENART to need you, the breeding ground of the launch, the nursery of entrepreneurship is You!     Your investment is a force to continue to challenge the trials, with us you are not alone, Welcome aboard!     "We need your support and your support to start this adventure."                                               Thank you to KissKissBankBank and kissbankers to trust and invest on all the entrepreneurs who take the risk and take the leap!




     "There is more philosophy in a bottle than in all the books" (Louis Pasteur, 1851)


Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used primarily:  

-> The launch of the 500 rooms  

-> The acquisition of equipment for etching and plating  

-> The acquisition of raw materials for packaging  

-> To the establishment of an appropriate workshop for the development of future creations  





management tools, accounting and computing 780 €

Tools and creating the Atelier 1250 €

Stainless steel materials and glassware 3800 €

of stainless steel processing products 780 €

 Raw materials Leather and Textile for Cases: 1750 €

Clasps and fasteners cases: 250 €

Postal administrative expenses related to business creation: 800 €

Shooting Photos, Videos Promo: 750 €      



If the campaign is worth more than € 12,000, we will launch vessels of the Flair Bartenders and widely expand our potential to become, hopefully, a staple in the world of bar.                      



Some ideas for future designs (digital images)



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