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Rencontres Sonores

Hello Everyone out there!


If, like me, you have dreams… then one day like me, you may also wake up and – ask yourself, ‘how can I make my dream come true?’


If you would like to know more about my dreams… and help me to achieve them… please… read on…


Allow me to introduce myself - my name is Robin Scott Fleming - I am a music composer and producer.


On reflection, I now realize that my dreams started along time ago… in my infancy…


Ever since my earliest childhood I was – and continue to be - passionate about sound… all kinds of sounds, too - even those sounds that most people would just considered to be ‘noise’!


Apparently, I’ve been told that at a very, very early age, I began to imitate the sounds of nature… the sound of animals… the sounds of objects… then the sound of the voices around me… people’s accents…  the timbres and lilt of their voices… sound has always fascinated me… Fortunately, I found I also had a facility to reproduce these sounds… which led me to discover… and fall in love with…. music.


Already, as a young teenager, I began composing melodies… rhythms… soundscapes - in response to the many emotions I was going through, (like we all do!) on a daily every day. I discovered, then learned, several instruments which allowed me to discover the infinite ways in which music allows me to express myself in a language that for me, goes beyond words…



Every note, chord and melody I discovered has allowed me to tell a different story and that no matter what the origin or inspiration in creating the music was – be it an instrument – linguistic – or, geographical or cultural – I realized that for me – music has this extraordinary ability to bring us all together and express ourselves in a universal language… which I sincerely believe – is a form… or language… of love itself.


I have experimented with many diverse musical genres… from classical to rock… from electro to pop… and composed both world music… and feature film scores!


In each of these genres the essence of my quest has always been the same – to find sounds… notes… chords… and rhythms that resonate together, that create harmony… or discord… as require… sounds that create what I call, ‘pure music’… music which moves us… music which makes the universe vibrate in unison...


But… my passion makes me digress… so, let’s return to the dreams I would like to share with you…


I want to widen… even further… my exploration of sounds… and would like you to share my dreams of exploring the world’s sounds!


Of course, if you have understood what I have written… you will now that I am not just talking about ambient noise, I am talking about discovering and recording the sounds that really affect us… sounds that speak to us… sounds that have the ability to lift us… sounds that create well being… sounds that can transport us… that can heal us… the magical sounds, that have been used by tribes over centuries… sounds that certain shaman still use today…. Sounds that are firmly anchored in traditions… the sounds that are the ‘voices’ of our history… and form the essence of our humanity!


I dream to discover… record… and use these sounds… and images… gathered from specific locations, encountered in the different corners of the world…


My dream is to bring these sounds back… to you… to create new musical compositions… to find sounds that will touch and move people… sounds that many – myself included – will never have heard… sounds that might be lost forever… like a dream….


So I need your help to finance this adventure... I need you to share my dream….

Waar dient de collecte voor

So actually ... What do I need?


The purchase of recording equipment, computer and video capture is the first major part of the budget (see list below). The second part is for travels and accomodations.    


Sound recording and video capture equipment technical list:


Apple MacBook Pro 15 " 2.2GHZ Retina 16GB RAM       

Apple USB SuperDrive Sound Devices USB Pre 2

Zoom H6 Hand Recorder

Zoom APH-6 Kit Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Mic

Zoom HS-1 Shoe Mount Adapter

Rycote Classic Softie 29Cm

Rycote Classic Softie 12Cm

Audio Technica BP4029 Stereo Shotgun Mic

Audio Technica AT8410a Shock mount

DPA SMK4061 Kit

Final Cut X

Cubase 7

Canon 70D

Canon EF-S Lens STM 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6

Canon EF-S Lens STM 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6

Canon EF-S Lens STM 24mm f/2.8

Canon Speedlite 320 EX

Laing P-04S Steadycam pour DSLR Lampe 160 LED

Transcend 64 Go SD memory card 2x

Ansmann Battery charger

Qumox Battery Charger for Canon 70D



Equipment Total Budget: 9.300€


Travel and accommodation budget: 4.500€


Kiss kiss bank bank fee(8%): 1.200€


Total Budget: 15.000€ 



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