Revealing the Shadows - Portraits of the New Parisians

Revealing the Shadows, a social, human and artistic vision of foreigners living in the shadow of Paris.

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Revealing the Shadows - Portraits of the New Parisians

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"Revealing the Shadows - Portraits of the New Parisians" is a photographic series of 50 portraits that seeks to provide a glimpse of the foreigners who come to create the face of worldwide cities. Paris, where I have lived and worked as a photographer for the last 3 years, is the ideal laboratory to explore this vast subject.


The idea for the project came from personal experience, as 80% of the people that I know in Paris are foreigners. I experienced the difficulty for a foreigner to integrate into an unknown metropolis, to adapt, and to break the language barrier and socialize in an environment reluctant to share. I had my own experience as a foreigner four years ago when I went to live in Australia. Citizens abroad, but still we created, at certain times, the face of Paris, Melbourne and elsewhere. We appropriated the city to ourselves, but each in our own way becoming like the natives, Parisian, New Yorker or Tunisian ...




So why not let these new citizens express themselves and get them out of the shadows? Who are these foreigners? How do they live? What does Paris mean for them? This is the starting point of this beautiful cosmopolitan adventure.


Initially Revealing the Shadows was a silver photographic series of portraits of foreigners living in Paris. But over the photo-shoots, different development ideas have changed the project. Now Revealing the Shadows includes:

- A photograpic series of 50 silver portraits will be exhibited at the Mois de la Photo in Paris (November 2014).

- A photographic film containing the 50 portraits + voiceovers of each person, in his native language, explaining his experience in Paris (French subtitles).

- An art book of 120 pages which will present the 50 portraits + text the 50 people have written in their native language, to describe their life in Paris as well as some personal information (plus French and English translation if needed).




As a photographer, it is natural that I wanted to show the intimacy of this community through my photography. No less than 50 foreigners living, working and being involved in Paris life, stood still in front of my camera over the past year. I went into the privacy of their apartments, talked with them about their daily lives, and finally, asked them to illustrate their portrait in a word, only one, in the language of their choice that best summarizes their life in Paris, and their state of mind at the time of our meeting. This word was written with a flashlight while I took their portraits. These people are not professional models but people like you and me.


This series is composed of 50 silver gelatin portraits in black & white, with one word in light painting. The word chosen can only be read with a mirror (available during the exhibition) to show that, even out of the shadows, foreigners still require an effort to be understood. The choice of the dark atmosphere of the photos is to emphasize the intimacy half-revealed. Out of the shadows, but not completely, the photographic work shows they are here, that they exist ... it is for us, as a spectator, as a Parisian, to bring them into broad daylight and to reach out to them.
















Why an Art book and a film ?

To give the opportunity to these foreigners to express themselves :


- A photographic film, the 50 pictures in a slideshow and on which I will add a voice over that will explain why they chose their word. When a picture will be visible, we will hear the subject in his native language, explaining his choice of word (French and English subtitles will be available. The film will be screened for the first time on opening night November 6, 2014).

- An art book to provide an opportunity for subjects to express themselves by writing why they chose their word. I asked each person to write 5 lines in their native language, which would explain the choice of the word. A French translation will be added, plus an English translation for non-English texts. The book will be produced if the campaign reaches € 20,000 and will be presented at the opening November 6, 2014.

The book (120 pages) will be presented in landscape (A4) format and here's a little preview (The picture preview is not part of the series since it is a self-portrait) :




My 50 friends and subjects, as my partners Central Dupon (Photo Lab), Les Recollects (venue of the exhibition), Escourbiac l'imprimeur (printer of photographic art book) and I want this artistic and multidisciplinary, cultural, social and human project to get real. That is why we involve you in creating Revealing the Shadows.



"Revealing the Shadows" will be presented from November 3rd 2014 to January 3rd 2015 under the arches of the Convent des Récollects (148 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris, Métro Gare de l'Est).




The opening will take place Thursday, November 6, 2014 (from 19:30), free admission and you are all invited !


All the KissBankers who are coming to the opening and who whish to, will be offered their counterparts then. It will be a great opportunity to meet and thank you personally.



Delivery in September 2014 except for photos of Revealing the Shadows (November / December 2014).


- Flashlight: engraving entitled "Revealing the Shadows" and may be I will show you how to do Light Painting if you are in the area.

- Brochure 24 pages: Select photos of my previous 12 series that you can see on my site Photographic Artirst.

- Photo Glimpses (20x30 & 40x60 Glimpses): Your choice ranges from the first photo to the site till the one posted on July 10, 2014 The photos are limited edition and signed. I post one photo per day. On the site Glimpses, clock on "Archive" to see all the photos on the same page.

- Portfolios: 5 different Portfolio A5, limited edition photograph, from 9 to 12 photos inside, following the series. Print on digital watercolor paper 210g. To choose, click on the link : Cliquez ici !

- 30x40 & 50x70: photos from previous series, photo limited edition signed by the author, printing digital print watercolor paper 210g. Availability here : Cliquez ici !

- Photo Revealing the Shadows: 40x60 Gelatin silver print made ​processed by Central Dupon. Visibility after Central Dupon scans the photos (August 2014). Silver prints, limited edition, signed by the author.


For the A5 Portfolio, Glimpses Prints, 30x40 & 50x70 Prints and Revealing the Shadows Prints, people will be contacted in the order of their assistance over the period of the campaign to choose their copies.


Our partners who talk about the project :





Victor Guerin Photographic Artist

Victor’s Glimpses

Victor Photographic Artist Facebook

Central Dupon

Les Récollets

Escourbiac l’imprimeur





Vivre Paris



Paris, Maman & moi

Waar dient de collecte voor


    This project includes a series of 50 silver photographic prints (40x60cm), a photographic film containing all the photos + the voices of the subjects that will be presented during the opening and potentially an art book to be edited to also provide an opportunity for subjects to say more on the choice of word.


    With your help we can cover :


1st Step, € 12 000 = The photographic series + film + mirrors:


- 50 HD scans of the negatives by Central Dupon : 5000 €

- 50 Dibon prints for the exhibition by Central Dupon : 6000 €

- Creating and producing the 50 mirrors (makeup size), with the logo of "Revealing the Shadows", to give offer to the public of the opening : 500 €

- Production and editing of the photographic film "Revealing the Shadows" : 500 €


The total budget for this artistic creation & social amounted to € 12,000 (excluding the cost of film, contact sheets, flashlights, Reward and commission of the site).


2nd Step 19 610 € = The art book :


- Creating and printing of the art book by Escourbiac l'mprimeur, in 300 copies : 7610 €


    In the case of funding overrun of the 2nd level, an additional 100 copies of the book will be printed (per 300 €).


    Thank you from my heart for your support and to bring all these people out of the shadows.




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