Hemp Bags - Eco-friendly & Ethics - 100% Vegetable Dyes

🌱 Taking care of People & the Planet by offering accessible alternatives to consumers.... thanks to the magic of Hemp! 🌱

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Hemp Bags - Eco-friendly & Ethics - 100% Vegetable Dyes

Himalayan Made is a French brand of bags and accessories entirely handmade from hemp fibres by a Nepalese Fair Trade organisation.

Our objective is to offer consumers a responsible and sustainable alternative in textiles.

2019 began with a stay in Nepal to design & make the new collection, just for you!


13 Bags & Accessories in 3 colours

( Product description at the bottom of the page!!!)

All our actions within Himalayan Made are based on four fundamental commitments:

  • Ecological: through our raw material and our various actions 
  • Ethics: thanks to Fair Trade certified suppliers
  • Solidarity: by supporting a Nepalese orphanage
  • Sustainable: with quality and responsible products

Hemp, the raw material of the future

Ecology is at the heart of current concerns, and yet cotton remains untouchable! This poison for the planet is responsible for 25% of pesticides worldwild for its production. Isn't that breathtaking?


The situation is simple, we must change our production and consumption methods!


Hemp is a solution to fight this pollution and could accelerate the ecological transition if the world considered it for what it really is!

Our Future is Made with Hemp !

Check out this amazing video made by our partner Cannavie, a hemp producer in Belgium 🌱👌

Our 100% natural dyes

Nowadays, companies favour chemical dyes, which are 10 to 100 times more profitable, and are harmful both to the environment and to us !

Have you heard about azo, heavy metals and other substances in current chemical dyes? They are the cause of many diseases such as cancer, eczema, asthma... and are found in our clothes & on our skin every day!

We therefore offer you 100% natural dyes for all our hemp, made thanks to a Nepalese Fair Trade organization: Kakani Himalayan Natural Dyes. The whole process is handmade, from harvesting to drying.

The colours are sublimated!

All our raw materials are natural, taken directly in the Kakani forest. Rhubarb, Grenada, Turmeric... are our companions.

No risk for our craftswomen or for YOU !

If you like videos, It's this way!

Carried out by us in the facilities of our partner in Kakani. 

Ok but who does the bags ?

🔅 LWH 🔅 - Our Fair Trade Partner

We collaborate with Local Woman's Handicraft, created by Nasreen Sheikh in 2016, which aims to help disadvantaged women regain their autonomy and a decent life.

A company that opens the doors of a better world for Nepalese women by allowing them to work in a healthy environment while earning three times the average Nepalese salary. A rare & respectful place that makes them smile again.

The women of LWH are very committed to their community through various inspiring projects:

  • Recycling of used fabric & Saris waste
  • Distribution of kit pads for women's menstruation
  • Programme to support the schooling of children
  • A large vegetable garden common to the workshop
  • A biogas system for the workshop kitchen....

We also recycle !!

The waterproofness of the bag was a recurring question & we found a solution! Recycle bags of rice, corn and lentils into Rain Covers.

These bags are widely used in Nepal but are most often thrown on the ground... thanks to this technique, we give them a second life and we clean the streets! 

Especially for the campaign we offer you your Rain Cover!
Hurry and see the Counterparties!


Our other ecological actions

In order to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible, we propose different alternatives concerning communication and distribution.



Our associative support

For a bag purchased, we donate 1 euro to Himali association Aide aux enfants du Népal. 

Since 2006, HIMALI has been welcoming children from poor families or from the streets in its orphanage... This aid is organised around three areas: medical, humanitarian aid with sponsorships, and development aid.

Together and in solidarity we can do a lot, so let's keep going !!!!!!!!

We put our hands together !

During our trip in January 2019, we took the opportunity to bring a little more colour to the orphanage! It took us 1 week with the children to repaint the doors and windows.

We look forward to coming back and helping our friends a little more ☺️

In 2020, we plan to organize an event with Mr & Mrs Rai (the managers) in order to propose a Nepalese culture stand, with Nepalese specialities, during an event in Lyon. 



Every detail is important !

All our backpacks contain a padded laptop pocket to protect your computer. The size of your laptop can be up to 15 inches.

We wanted to highlight the craftswomen through our label, attached to all items. You'll know who made your bag !

For travel bags, large shoulder straps will be provided with sturdy metal hooks, which will support the weight of your bag !

For backpacks, we have put metal buckles to adjust your shoulder straps, a solid and above all practical component !


The Himalayan Made project lives and grows thanks to all these actors we've presented.


We would like to thank them deeply, through our logo !

What do you see in this logo? 

This sign represents a greeting: head down & arms raised. In addition the feet & head represent the H of Himalayan and the arms the M of Made...Are you visualizing it now?

We thank our partners but also... YOU ! Thanks to you, Himalayan Made is constantly growing and succeeds in transmitting its values & fights that are dear to it.

Our collection of bags & accessories

By the way, who are we?

We are Lucas Besacier (27 years old) and Joséphine Bardin (25 years old), a young couple of entrepreneurs, with lots of ideas in their heads. Originally from Roanne and Rennes, we are above all citizens of the Earth.

"Travelling is youthful"

After many trips, the desire to develop a company in our image had become an obsession. These adventures have trained us well and opened our eyes to many things! 

But how can we create an eco-friendly product in today's society? It was in Nepal, at the foot of the Himalayas that our idea took shape. One fine morning, we discovered hemp, so little known in France... From that moment on, we knew that our professional project was going to climb around this magical plant! 

Waar dient de collecte voor

The €8,000 that will be raised will be used to finance various parts of the project:

  • Production corresponds to the manufacture of all the products you have ordered!
  • Transport from Nepal
  • The Development of the company concerns the improvement of our website and participation in events
  • Communication of the campaign 
  • R&D includes the experimentation of new natural colours to extend our range and research on improving the processing of hemp 
  • Donations will be donated to LWH and Himali
  • The Stock concerns the financing of our initial stock required for our website

If we exceed the cap !

We have many other designs in mind, bags & accessories, but not only that... We would also like to offer you new ethnic motifs to expand the range of Batchira & Ayerú. We could go back to Nepal quickly to draw them and design them with the craftswomen!

Getting organic cotton for bag interiors is part of our priority. We will constantly optimize our products to make them as natural as possible.

Help the Himali orphanage even more! Hiring an additional person to take care of the children and a guard to watch over the building would be ideal. We also wish to continue our painting mission, this time we will paint the exterior and interior walls....

Develop our partnership with Local Women Handicraft ! We would be able to contribute to their development and support them in their fights. They are acting for a better future and Nepalese women need it !

It's just the beginning, you have not finished being surprised !!!! 


Thank You... Thank You & Thank You Again !!

A Beautiful Day to You !!



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