Salon de Tatouage

We are at the beginning of a great adventure, the keys in hand and look forward to tattooing you! Participate in our collection!

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Salon de Tatouage

In my artistic sanctuary your aspirations will be my inspirations ... Let's make this place a reality!

Hello ,

Our studio "Salon de Longjumeau" is located, as you guessed ... Longjumeau, 20 minutes from Paris , FRANCE .

We got his keys quickly by our determination because the beauty of the place has made us drunk! But there you go ... we need to arrange all that now ! It's expensive and tedious!


This is where YOU come in!


Enjoy the view! You are inside the Salon !!!

Thanks to your participation you finance this wonderful expedition in the artistic world of tattoo , "tatouage" in french and tatau in Polynesian .


For our living room we want a "Neo-Trad-Polynesian" atmosphere for tradition, "Riding Culture" for passion and a touch of "Neo-Baroque" for style.


Wholesale: mismatched styles!


I hold the patent of hygiene & salubrity. The "Salon de Longjumeau" is up to the standards of legislation.


We thank you in advance for all your donations and shares!

We are happy with the support you offer us in this adventure. Accompany us to the end!


See a preview of my work

Waar dient de collecte voor

Your participation will be used to finance :

-Setroom set (sofa, table, etc ...): 500 euros

-Various furniture: 900 euros

-Tattoo supplies (inks, needles, etc ...): 1200 euros

-Miscellaneous supplies (thermocopier, promarker ...): 900 euros

-Hardware & hygiene equipment: 500 euros

TOTAL: 4 000 euros


We ask you for a financial contribution up to 2000 euros on the 4 000 euros required.


IF YOU give us the chance, whether by monetary donation or web sharing or rumor or even a "someone say", to achieve our goal ... We will be extreeeemely touched and grateful! In case of exceeding, the entire list can be funded and so ... we can accommodate you in optimal conditions ! Hall of fame to the living room decoration !

Also know this ... "I will collect the entirety of the collection" for a use only dedicated to the Salon de Longjumeau, and our counterparts will largely live up to your generosity !






Your tattoo artist and his apprentices thank you!

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