Sauvons les Grands Singes du Congo

Let’s save Great Apes through community development

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Sauvons les Grands Singes du Congo

Our main activity: Protect Great Apes and their habitat.

Idea of the project:  Offer to Congolese rural communities the possibility to earn money from alternative activities to Great Ape poaching.


The project: Women from an agricultural cooperation transform plantain bananas into crisps and jam then sell their production in Pointe-Noire.



To create alternative incomes to “hunting” and “trading” of endangered species like gorillas and chimpanzees

To develop activities for women

To offer them financial autonomy

Promotion of socioeconomic inclusion for women

To protect the Great Apes

Objectives: To execute this project we will follow 3 steps: 

Step 1: Prepare the field, build buildings and equip them: 5000€

Step 2: Training of women and project monitoring for a total of 12000€

Step 3: Marketing study and general operating expenses to reach the final sum of 15000€

Do you want to know to whom you are going to give your money? 

Let's have a look at who we are and what do we do in Congo..


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