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SAVE Bull Doff & Jah Gal


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Conflagration of our universe in the night of the Friday 6th of July 2018: A few weeks ago, the studios Bull Doff & Jah Gal were victims of a fire that destroyed their place of creativity and effervescence.

In this space, we wrote beautiful pages of the story of our lives, a shared story that unfolded both internationally and in Dakar’s creative space. We have worked together while, at the same time, retaining a freedom which has allowed us to explore new paths and universes, thereby fostering an innovative and dynamic urban creativity.

The blaze destroyed this shared history, our achievements, our current and upcoming projects, but it came short of taking our creativity away.

Overcoming the shock of the blaze and our sadness, we have decided to rebuild our laboratory, our curiosity cabinet, and once again to give birth to new stylistic forms.

Between inertia and burst, we made a choice: to reemerge from our ashes. In this battle, we need your support. It will give us the strength to get up again, the courage to continue, and allow us to reestablish the emotional dialogue that has brought us together for so many years. Today, we need to turn the worry, pity and sadness into more positive feelings, and regain access to your sensitivity through optimism, joy, wonder, and love.

May our hope be CONTAGIOUS !!!

©Guillaume Bassinet


BULL DOFF was born in 2010 right after both designers, Laure Tarot & Baay Sooley met, in Dakar.

A city that they like to call their refuge. Quoted in perpetual mutation, animated by a singular urban trance and incessant producer of ideas and desires, Dakar will naturally become the fundamental source of inspiration of the brand.

The everyday street, made up of those who inhabit a young and modern Africa; both rooted and changing, as well as the cultural mix of both designers, are undoubtedly the artistic signature of these two storytellers.

More than just dressing us, they are telling us their stories.

Aiming to fuse materials and codes, by daring to approach or break, mix, re-invent, and give both aesthetic and narrative meaning to what they offer to wear, see and hear.


Imigongo Fashion Show



Doulsy is an African stylist and fashion designer of Senegalese origin. In his work, Doulsy can easily start with no preliminary concept, and will advance freely and holistically. By nature futurist and avant-gardist, his tastes sometimes push him towards styles and looks that oppose one another. Whether it’s in his choice of recycled materials or recuperation of forms and colours, he loves surprising and unexpected juxtapositions. Tradition and modernity, femininity and masculinity, basic and glamorous are all combined…Doulsy gives life to that which is dead.   

Doulsy is someone who is full of life, and who is in touch with his Baye Fall culture. He started off working in accessories, and then moved on to clothing, in order to have the freedom to create more original and explorative pieces. It was through giving a new life to old and discarded items that the label Jah Gal was born…the fresh unisex brand. The name makes reference to a concept according to which liberty is only found through creation. It is thanks to an exploration of both the Baye Fall tradition and the urban milieu within which he grew up that Doulsy decided to throw himself into this creative adventure.

Jah Gal combines haute couture and street culture.


Waar dient de collecte voor


©Guillaume Bassinet


Estimating the cost of our losses is a difficult endeavor: stocks of merchandise (Collections: Imigongo, Sunugaal…), sewing machine, fabric stocks and notions for upcoming collections, sewing patterns… runway collections ( The Missing Link, The Prophecy…), the workshop, Doulsy’s home and many others.

If you are thinking that our objective is derisory, it might be because, in our situation, ANY AMOUNT IS INCREDIBLY VALUABLE.

Participation to this fundraising will enable two young African creative entities to be revived. Their projects were reduced to ashes as they were working towards success. The funds collected will re-open the path of creativity for Jah Gal & Bull Doff, and enable them to propose, once more, original collections drawing on their respective creative universes.

Definitely a minimum amount, the maximum being rather high as it would mean recovering everything we lost.

It would however be useful for you to have an idea of how much we need before you decide to commit to this adventure with us.


Let’s thus focus on this new departure and build another story. This is our objective:

- Before pricking a needle and a thread in a piece of cloth, a space of artistic expression should be found and reinvented. The studio also was Doulsy’s house. The house was marked by his artistic universe and was his source of inspiration. One of our priorities is thus this new space which your contributions might enable us to acquire.

- The thread and the needle represent the second step. To start again it is absolutely necessary to possess a minimum of technical equipment: table of cutting - sewing machines, board and iron - models - small basic material (scissors, rules, needles); let’s not forget storage units shelves - carrying - flies...

- After restoring our technical platform, we could then think about reconstituting our reserve of raw materials with the important panel of notions of the endless list subject the type of the project: liners, closures zippers, not forgetting the thread and other little details.

- AND NOW, if we manage to reconstitute a stock intended for sale , Bull Doff & Jah Gal will be BORN AGAIN. We will again be able to offer the possibility and pleasure to enhance your wardrobe.

- After that, we will be ready to start the following step, the creation of prototypes for a new collection moving along the different creative phases: modeling, patronage, buying of fabric, garment…

At this stage and thanks to your support, Bull Doff & Jah Gal will make their comeback. Once again, they will display their creative madness, and recover their position as an up-and-coming brand on the Senegalese, African, and international fashion scene.


We should aim for the impossible: great achievements throughout history were aimed at conquering the impossible.

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