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Save Schiume Festival - a festival for performance, trans-disciplinary art, and experimentation in an abandoned military fort!

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Schiume Festival








The 8 goals of Schiume Festival.


1) To give citizens the opportunity to encounter experimental, transdisciplinary projects, through a calendar of performances and events free for the audience.


2) To valorize the work of artists and cultural operators, to create an international platform for projects, out of established circuits.


3) To regenerate public spaces, transforming them into spaces for encounter and cultural experimentation.


4) To co-create a network of artistic projects, to foster an open conversation on the Italian and European systems and collaboratively devise strategies that feed on culture to open up fairer, more sustainable perspectives. In its four years of life, Schiume Festival has intertwined a collaborative network with, among others, C32 performingartsworkspace, Teatro Valle Occupato Roma, TraMe – Multidisciplinary research centre on memory and cultural trauma of University of Bologna, Roehampton University London, F.A.C.K. 2 Festival Cesena.


5) To generate opportunities for learing by doing, through open workshops covering different aspects of an artistic event - set design and tech, communication and promotion, performance.  


6) To actively involve students and young people in the realization of the event. Young people are tutored by the organizators of the event, and gain a hands-on experience, curating and organizing part of the festival.  


7) To give artists residential opportunities, to enable them to devise a new work that is especially contingent to the spaces of Forte Marghera. The residential project will be launched in the 2014 edition, in collaboration with C32 performingartsworkspace.


8) To promote an ethic of sustainability. The venues of Schiume Festival are entirely set up with material discarded from the big Venetian events. Through this choice, Schiume Festival aims at valorizing the resources available, creating an alternative to a consumeristic approach. An alternative that valorizes work, time, and care.










Schiume Festival 2012




Schiume Festival 2012

  Schiume Festival 2012


Quattrocentomila metri quadrati di nascosto (è un segreto)



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Schiume Festival is necessary for resisting, questioning, re-building a sense of agency and responsibility in the much scattered Italian context. Locating itself out of established and stiff circuits, Schiume Festival gives young creators and operators the possibility to grow as artists and professionals, and be respected as such.

The European dimension of the event make of Forte Marghera a meeting point for artist coming from different countries. Through the days of their permanence at Forte Marghera, artists enter in conversation with each other, with operators, with citizens, giving birth to new collaborations and projects that will exuber from the frame of the festival.

Through its symposia and workshops, Schiume Festival points out the interdependence of the arts and the civil context, and their mutual co-creation, promoting the re-elaboration of collective experiences and the imagination of different ways of life.

Schiume Festival is a sustainable initiative, that aims at using the resources that are already present. By doing so, it endeavours to experiment an alternative to a consumeristic approach: an ethic of care.

Budget we aim at collecting through Europe Refresh



Performance space/Electrical system

1900 EURO

Performance Space/Wood stage

2900 EURO

Performance space/Stage

1000 EURO

Residence artists

1900 EURO








How the fund collected will be used:  


Schiume Festival has survived for five years thanks to the voluntary work of dozens of people, and to the material made available for free by the supporters of the festival. The ancient fort, where the festival takes place, is almost entirely abandoned. The spaces have no electricity; so far, Schiume Festival has been lucky enough to be able to borrow a 200 mt long cable to bring electricity to the venues.

Our goal for the 2014 edition to build an electrical system for the venues of Schiume, with legal standards. Furthermore, we will build a 7 X 7 mt stage and a rigging system that will hold the lights, which will allow the constantly growing audience of Schiume to have a satisfying experience of the performances. The stage will be covered with a dance flooring, to allow performers to move about in total safety. Finally, part of the collected sum will be dedicated to refurbish the venue where the artists will be lodged: we will requalify the space, paint the walls, buy mattresses and bed sheets.


NB: Schiume Festival will need to collect other funds to cover the other cost items of the festival. These costs are: reimbursement of artists’ and guests’ travel expenses, reimbursement of organizers’ travel expenses, meal and lodgement for artists, communication and promotional material. We aim at covering these expenses through a fund we are supposed to receive from the Municipality of Venice. However, since the entity of the support hasn’t been agreed yet, and considered that the funds allocated to arts and culture by Italian institutions are very small (when present), should we collect more money than 7700 euros, the exceeding money will be used to cover for the other cost items of the Festival.

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