Scouts solidarité migrants

Help us in our solidarity project with migrants in Greece realised with scouts from all around the world to give them their dignity back.

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Scouts solidarité migrants

<p><strong>THE PROJECT</strong></p><p> </p><p>    We are a team of 4 young scouts between 18 and 19 years old wanting to act on the very actual challenge of <strong>migration crisis</strong>. We are coming in <strong>Greece</strong> from <u>August the 8th to the 23th</u> as <strong>volunteers</strong> with the Greek scouts to participate in the<em><strong> Scouting for Good </strong></em>project. This project is done to group all aid efforts to participate in migrants and refugee relief in Greece but principally in <strong>Athens</strong>. We would like on top of everything exchange with the migrants in order break <em>stereotypes</em> while actively participating in the amelioration of their <em>living conditions</em> and allowing the refugee children to play and exercise as if they were just kids for the time of an activity. </p><p>Back in France we will organise a<u><strong> conference</strong></u> to raise awareness of the inhabitants of our city on this subject. We will present them our actions and the Scouting for Good project and will realise a "<strong>crossed look</strong>" with the intervention of refugees and NGO members of our city.</p><p><img alt="Résultat de recherche d'images pour &quot;drapeau grec&quot;" src=""><img src=""></p><p> </p><p> </p><p> </p><p>                        <u> On site we will</u>: </p><p>- Play <strong>games</strong> with the youth and do sports activities</p><p>- Make <strong>creative workshops</strong> such as art activities, craft, little construction malking...</p><p>- Give some<strong> English classe</strong>s in a funny way to teach them basic, everyday needed English</p><p>- Participate to the<strong> collects and distributions</strong> of goods for the refugees in camps</p><p>- Help in <strong>renovating</strong>/<strong>refressing</strong> some rooms if needed so that the refugees can use them in good conditions (turn an unused room into a classroom, a computer-room, livingrooms...)</p><p> </p><p><img alt="Recre_camp-1488576362" src=""></p><p> </p><p>We are aware that it will not be possible to make a great change but our<u><strong> main motivation</strong></u> for this project is <em><strong>sharing and discovering</strong></em>. We would like to surpass ourselves and see beyond the stereotypes on refugees and migrants by going in camps and doing activities with them ina playful way. Most of all, we would like to show to this persons that they are not alone nor rejected by communicating with them verbally or nonverbally through activities and on <strong><em>mutual complicity.</em></strong> Make them feel that it is possible to forget for a little while that they are too aften seen as numbers on papers or enquirers and<em><strong> live intensely a human adventure full of laughter and complicity.</strong></em></p><p> </p><p><img alt="Refugee-1494530408" src=""></p><p> </p><p> </p><p><strong>OUR TEAM: </strong></p><p>Friends for a long time now we formed a the JAGA team a year and a half ago to realise this project which is for us the accomplishment of our values and scout lives. Today separated by many kilometers of distance (between Aix-en-Provence, Cargy, Gap and Lyon) we take at heart to continue this wonderful project together.</p><p>Last year we hae already done a project in FRance: the restauration of a church in Arles sur Tech in the Pyerenees. </p><p>Antara  BELHIA "I'm a student of 18 years old in grade 12 in Gap. I entered the scouts at 16 for the European meeteing You'Re Up (with 15 000). Nevertheless I already knew some scouts friends and some of them for a very long time. In addition I've always been taught scouting values and for me the contact with others is very important. This is why I'm deeply motivated by this project of helping migrants and refugees. All the more since the situation seems to be inacceptable because every human being  deserves to live n good conditions (not like it is in the camps of the countries at war!). Moreover my grandfather always told me his calvary to get to France during the Algerian Revolution, so this project also has a great personnal dimension".  </p><p> </p><p>Alice MARTIN-DEMOLON: "I'm 18, in 1st year in ISTOM, an engineering school of international agro-development in Cergy. I discovered Scoutism in grade 9. It is really important for me that all human beings can have the dignity they deserve. The actual crisis seems to me too important to play the superhero on the other side of the globe and Grece is a country that I particularly apreciate. The scouts movement enabled me to put into actions the values that I consider essentials and had a very strong role in my choice of field of study. This project has therfore a great personnal dimention but a professional impact as well."  </p><p> </p><p>Gabriel GARCIN : "I'm 18 and I'm in MANAA (foramtion in applied arts and design) in Aix-en-Provence. I doscovered scoutism when I was 8 years old. For a few years now I'm seeing the news on TV or even in magazines the European response to migration and everyone speaking about it and I'm asking myself why we don't act... How can we help to solve the problem? I want to act and bring my help and I think that the more we are the better it is. I love being of service and bring my good mood ;) ".</p><p> </p><p>Julie GRANGEMAR : "Hi, my name is Julie, I'm 18 and I'm in 1st year of preparoty class inside an engineering scholl in agronomy and agrobusiness. I've been a scout for 5 years now, I discovered the movement thanks to a friend and I direclty love it. today the comagnions are to me the accmplishment of my scout adventure, at least as a child since I'm a leader as well now. The project interest me and motivates me because it's been a while since the migrants crisis is present in the actuality and this gave my the desire to deeply understand and give my help. Furthermore, I think that this experience can be very enriching and I know that I will be well surrounded by my team! "</p><p><img alt="Reza-001-1494530604" src=""></p>

Allocation of funds

<p><img alt="Buget-1496680575" src=""></p><p>This part of funding in the budget will enable us to pay parts of our <strong><u>tranports</u></strong>.</p><p><strong>All the money collected beyond the definite goal will be used for buying some material and tools to run activities with the refugees.</strong></p><p>One of our major difficulties to finance our project is that we are far away from each other therfore it is quite impossible for us to realise small team jobs this year. </p><p> </p><p><u><em><strong>Did you know?</strong></em></u></p><p>From 10€ your donations are <strong>reduced from your imposition at 66%</strong> because the Scouts and Guides of France are recognised as an association of public utility (if you are French or pay impositions in France) <strong><em>A donation of 50€ only really costs you 16,50€</em></strong></p><p><em>For entrepreuneurs the tax deduction is 60%</em></p><p> </p><p><em>For more informations please constact us through the comment section or check out our facebook page: </em><a target="_blank" href=""></a></p><p><em>A huge thank you for your generosity</em>!!!!</p><p><img alt="Citation_tutu_-1488582473" src=""></p><p> </p>



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for 1€ and a like on our facebook page you can view our conference on live through our page. PLease give us your facebook our contact us on messenger so that we can send you a message a few days before the conference in order to give you details about the date and the hour.


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A big thank you for your support and a big hug for when we come back. BONUS FOR THE 10 FIRST KISSKISSBANKERS: you have the right to give us a dare to realize (within the limits of feasible) and we will send you a photo as a proof we suceeded.

Estimated delivery: August 2017


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FROM 10€ YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY DEFISCALISED UP TO 66%, this donation therfore only costs you 4,95€! A piece of art from our drawer in chief (Gabriel) and his aprentice (Alice) in the themes below: - portraits of yourself - portatrait of the team - portrait of a refugee - méditerranean landscape - various objects

Estimated delivery: October 2017


FROM 10€ YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY DEFISCALISED UP TO 66%, this donation therfore only costs you 19,80€! A surprise gift from Greece

Estimated delivery: November 2017


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For 60€ and more you will have the chance to compile the different options above and your name will figure in gold on the slides of you conference during the thanking part. FROM 10€ YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY DEFISCALISED UP TO 66%, this donation of 60€ therfore only costs you 19,80€ and a donation of 100€ only costs you 33€!

Estimated delivery: November 2017


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For100€ and more we offer you the Olympus pack. You keep all the options above AND you will recivce in EXCLUSIVITY a Greek food specialty which can be sent by post-mail). For 100€ you only really pay 33€ after the tax defiscalisation

Estimated delivery: October 2017

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