SEA THE PLASTIC, sailing around the Atlantic fighting plastic pollution

Help us sail around the Atlantic to raise awareness on plastic pollution in the oceans and to collect microplastic samples.

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SEA THE PLASTIC, sailing around the Atlantic fighting plastic pollution

SEA THE PLASTIC in short ...

We are two Belgian adventurers planning on sailing around the Atlantic, for a period of one and a half year starting in May 2020, in order to raise awareness on plastic pollution in the oceans. Throughout our trip we will collect samples all over the Atlantic ocean in partnership with Ocean Eye, who will conduct an analysis of these microplastic samples in a lab. The data generated by this research will be transmitted to the GRID department of the United Nations Environment Program and made available worldwide with its “geodata” geographic information system.

Another aspect of our project is to raise public awareness on plastic pollution in our oceans and change people's habits. Our goal is to reach as many people as we can. Thus, we will organize meetings during our trip, small gatherings / workshops with our partners, promote it on our website and our social media, and write articles along the way. Moreover, we will also collaborate with a Belgian school, launching a project with students from different grades.

Visit our website:

« My name is Damien, I’m 28 years old and I have been sailing for over 16 years. As a sailing instructor, member and skipper of ULYC, it is at sea that I feel the best. Graduated in electro mechanics, I feel ready to make Sanzaru fully seaworthy again for the big departure. I’m looking forward to the beginning of this epic adventure with my best travel buddy! »

« Hi, I’m Aline, a 26-year-old Belgian who is passionate about photography and nature. 3 years ago, Damien introduced me to his world of sailing. I always have been concerned by the climate raising and interested in finding ways to address this challenge, and especially ocean protection. I have decided to temporarily pause my career as an architectural engineer to dedicate my time to this cause. »

« Built in Sweden in 1995, I’m a Maxi 1000 sailboat that has already traveled thousands of nautical miles. I have lived for a longtime in the Mediterranean Sea and just came back from a two-year journey around the Atlantic Ocean. Damien and Aline ended up adopting me in May 2019. I’m looking forward to be restored to begin new adventures with them and make this awesome project come true! »

Together with Ocean Eye, we will collect samples during our trip around the Atlantic Ocean as a volunteer sailboat. Our geolocated samples will be sent to Ocean Eye who will count and weight the micro plastic particles in the lab of the EPFL. The generated data will complete an already existing global open access database.

But… we would also like to collect unique samples in a poorly mapped area, by extending our journey to Montreal via the St. Lawrence River. We would be the first sailboat of Ocean Eye to go in this area and we would thus significantly expand the database. That’s why we need your help!!

Through social media and meetings throughout our journey, we would like to contribute to the global awareness of plastic pollution in the oceans. We aim to cooperate with schools that will follow the project in class. We would also like to reach as many people as possible and contribute to a general awareness.

We will travel in autonomy, thanks to the wind, on our 10m sailboat during one and a half year. Many challenges will present themselves: sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, getting to know our boat by heart, accomplishing some great performances, interpreting weather files and managing our navigation programs; in brief, perfecting our sailing skills. Thanks to our sailboat, we will be able to travel across the world with an emission free transport. Together we want to rise to these challenges.

Extension of the itinerary, thanks to you!!

We need your financial help to extend our trip to Montreal and be the first expedition to make microplastic samples for Ocean Eye in these poorly mapped areas!


Waar dient de collecte voor

Convinced of the merits of our project and for the sake of credibility to our partners, we finance more than half of the adventure on our own. However, we cannot cover all of the costs related to preparation, new equipments, repairs and the microplastic mission.

The project total budget is 80,000 euros. This crowdfunding will be used to collect funds from the categories “Microplastic mission” and “Preparation of the trip”. We are aiming to raise for a total of 10,000 euros. It will help us raise awareness on plastic pollution, buy the sampling and safety equipment.

Microplastic mission :

  • Purchase of the sampling net: 2500€
  • Training with Ocean Eye in Switzerland: 700€
  • Water flow meter: 600€ (to measure the amount of water passing through the net)
  • Anemometer : 1 500€
  • Sending samples by post : 500€
  • Inmarsat subscription (communication with satellite networks): 1000€

Preparation of the trip (navigation, safety and health):

  • Stage World Sailing (EX ISAF): 1000€
  • Life vests: 400€
  • Satellite distress beacon: 500€
  • Personal distress beacon (2): 500€
  • AIS installation (anti-collision system): 800€

Little anecdote: According to the renowned sailor, Roger Swanson, to estimate the cost of a sailing trip: make a detailed estimate of the planned expenses, and then double it! ... oops;)

If you want to know our detailed budget for the other categories, we invite you to visit our website:
For your information, there is a 5% commission for KissKissBankBank, as well as a 3% bank charges on the total collection.

If we manage to exceed the € 10,000 mark, the extra money will be used to extend our journey to CANADA to collect unique samples!

Up to now, no Ocean Eye volunteer sailboat has gathered sampling measures in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Our trip would become a real added-value for research if we manage to navigate in this area of the planet. However, sailing in these regions lengthens our journey by almost 4000 nautical miles (7408 km). We need your help!

Rewards for you!

To thank you for your contribution, we have put together many awesome reward packs. From the Brussels Pack to the Montreal Pack, help us chase our dream!

Many thanks to all our partners who allow us to spoil you with rewards!

And thanks to our partners who already support us:

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