Come enjoy about football history and culture with SeFootEnLair :)

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The project quickly: A pinch of football, a touch of history, and a few bits of culture. A mix of its three ingredients all summarized in a video on my Youtube channel "SeFootEnLAir" here is the project! Who am I ? Me, friends, it's Samuel, 27 years old! I work in logistics and at the same time I would like to open a Youtube channel. Originally from the Parisian suburbs. I discovered football like many downstairs from my house with my friends! Then over time it became my passion. I eat football, I speak football, I play football. I lived 1 year in the Land of football! Yes Yes England! And that's where BOOM !!! My passion EXPLODED! From this passion was born a DREAM! Discover the world through football and share it with YOU! Below is a picture of me with the Leicester FC mascot for my first Premier League match (You can see my amazed face) Where did the idea for this project come from and why this name? It does not date from yesterday but it was in 2019 just before the health crisis that we are experiencing today that it accelerated. I gave a friend a 100% football weekend for his wedding. Thousands of kilometers by train, bus, taxi, running ... To attend 3 meetings. The first Southampton - Bournemouth: Second Man City - Watford (Historic 8-0 score) The third Chelsea - Liverpool This is where the idea comes from seeing the joy created in my friend forever by making him discover much more than a football club but everything that is around. I told myself that there was something to do by digging into the culture and history of each place visited. The name of the channel? It's simple, I wanted to make an expression that is basically pejorative into something POSITIVE. Instead of screwing up, let's kick each other in the air! "Do you like football? History? Culture? So support me forthis project comes to life and that we live full of adventures by jogging in the air together!"

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