SEN NO SEN custom surfing wetsuits

Let's make your own custom wetsuit ? #SNScustomwetsuits

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SEN NO SEN custom surfing wetsuits






I am Mathieu Desaphie, 34 years old and the creator of the brand SEN NO SEN , a lifetime project and my greatest adventure which began when i was 19 years old. I have an incredible passion for surfing and the Ocean, and this has influenced the SEN NO SEN collection since its beginning. It came naturally that I wanted to include wetsuits with the quality SEN NO SEN mark!




The clothing stock is manufactured in Portugal in workshops with a unique know-how, utilising carefully selected quality fabrics. I wanted the same quality-controlled approach for the production of my SEN NO SEN wetsuits. This was a very long process yet the meeting of the ideal partner has finally made it possible. After ten years of experience in the development of wetsuits with Rip Curl. Enriched from his experience, he moved on to open his own workshop manufacturing wetsuits by hand, and equipping some of the best surfers in the world each season.




Together we developed a model which I tested for two years in my shops in Arcachon and Biscarrosse Plage.


We use the best neoprene "limestone" : as it is superior in heat maintenance, lightweight, flexible, soft and more airtight than the classically manufactured petroleum-based neoprene.

Each wetsuit is assembled by hand, "glue-sewn and galonnized " resulting in excellent insulation.




The cut and the inserts have been studied for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, and always a sleek style and colors that reflect the SEN NO SEN clothing collection.






The desire and dream was to produce a top quality product, with original colors and a sleek design at a reasonable price, all in limited series! This was a real success!


It was through extensive discussions with my clients I realised that many had a great desire to own a unique wetsuit. Encouraged by their enthusiasm a new idea was born: to offer maximum choice in the design of the product so that each could create his/her ideal wetsuit. 






The customization will be made on the basis of our SEN NO SEN models, some which are currently still in development mode, including the "no zip" system of closure.


For men and juniors: spring suit, long sleeve spring suit, integrals short sleeves, integrals.

For women: booty john, long sleeves spring suit, integrals.




You can choose:

- The model

- The thickness of the neoprene (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm)

- The closing system: frontzip, backzip, no zip

- The colors of each panel of neoprene, therefore the possibility of having a single or multi-colored wetsuit

- The location and color of the logos

- The possibility of printing your own logo (additional costs will apply)



The end result: A high-quality product at reasonable pricing, estimated at 239€ to 390€ including shipping!



We only have a few days to make this project possible, and it would only be possible with your help!


Every euro will be well-utilized in preparing original SEN NO SEN stock that will appeal to everyone, whether you surf or not: From a Sen No Sen Tote bag to customized longboards or SEN NO SEN original clothing collection.







Waar dient de collecte voor


The hardest part has been accomplished:

the development of the Wetsuit is validated.

We have put into place the necessary organization with the workshop to manufacture each customized Wetsuit, which will be delivered in 2 to 3 weeks, by UPS directly to us or to our stockists.

We have all the sourcing for the neoprene and the accessories.


I have covered a large part of the costs, yet I still require 20000€ to finalize the project.


We need to develop a new Web site, which will include a simulator allowing you to choose your options and to view the final rendering of your wetsuit



Eric Dutoo from Tag Digital Agency, in charge of new Sen No Sen website development 



The other big investment is the purchase of stock of neoprene because we must have each color and thickness available to manufacture your wetsuit quickly. It is a heavy investment but, I hope you can understand, essential for the project.



If my requested amount exceeds the amount needed:

The money crop will increase the choice of colors available but we will also work on the next step, a made-to-measure service (manufacturing wetsuits with specific client measurements)








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