Sève de bouleau fraiche et bio

Buy a machine packing bag in box under vacuum The purchase of a van to buy all the equipment for harvesting and packaging (500 bag of 10 liters, 30 feet of hose, a range of Bag in box 3 and 5 liters personalized start booking cures birch sap for spring 2013

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Sève de bouleau fraiche et bio

Hello everyone, my name is Alain and I live in the Hautes-Alpes department one of the least populated of France where nature has kept all of these rights. Sumptuous landscapes. But little work except seasonal jobs summer and winter. I am a fan of nature and its benefits. I collect and consume more than 26 years of medicinal plants and other natural vitamins, here in the Hautes-Alpes we can move from 400 meters to 4000 meters in the last day it is not far. I am not a professional but I have a good knowledge of the virtues of plants. So often I thought of turning my passion into a profession but what product to choose, the profession of herbalist is banned in France for those who do not have a medical degree or pharmacist then goodbye wort, sage, nettle and other panaceas for the moment, I will devote later when I turned to a yes sap sap known that for millennia has countless virtues for us men since the ancient times is harvested birch sap a living sap that drains fresh and removes toxins from our body in the spring, we clean, we wash the inside of the multiple deposits accumulated winter meals consisting, pollution, toxins, toxic or detrimental not so lattente our balance. I therefore wish to create a work of harvesting the sap. the season of sap flow lasts from early March to late April each year. and allow greater numbers to receive a non-denatured living that is to say, my challenge is to harvest and fresh condition.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to buy a packaging machine sap under vacuum, a wonderful machine that will keep the sap cool. We do not find too many birch sap alive on the market because the store is fresh delicate sap that oxidizes rapidly in contact with air. Today on the market sap that you buy is treated undergoes changes such as pasteurization, preservatives, dyes, nana-filtration, micro filtration, flash pasteurization or addition of alcohol it loses 80% of its virtues. I want to commercialize bio sap a great savings to the consumer. I am therefore obliged to consider buying a vacuum packaging machine air that will sap the condition thus prevent it from oxidizing. This will bring to market a sap who did not undergo any transformation and therefore full of all these virtues. this machine is a machine that packs a bag and box sap under vacuum. without this equipment I can not consider myself implant and I do not currently have the funding I also buy a van for a small container and all equipment for harvesting and packaging, I land the birch are about 1000 on a plot of 3 hectares and soon the organic label ecocert I lack that equipment in order to consider this implementation. harvest will be approximately 20,000 gallons per year of this sap purchased by reservation only.

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