Small is Big - Street Art Project

Street Art project: tribute to protesters based on Peter Hapak pictures series for Time magazine person of the year 2011

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Small is Big - Street Art Project



My artist name is Mahn Kloix , I currently live and work in Marseille


Like many of you, I’ve followed with great interest the different protest movements that took place over recent years in several countries.


I started a street art project in tribute to these social movements based on the 2011 Time magazine edition, in which "the protesters" were elected as person of the year.




The magazine commissioned a photographer, Peter Hapak to realize the portraits of some protesters from different movements and different countries : the Arab spring in Tunisia and the Egyptian revolution, where people were protesting against the dictators who governed them, the Plaza del Sol movement in Madrid, the "indignés" in Greece, Occupy Wall Street in New York and Occupy Oakland where people protested the economical and political system of their country after 2008 financial crisis.


Around 50 protesters portraits were published. These protesters are bloggers, mothers, journalists, students, policemen, or simple civilians…


With the consent of the photographer and the protesters, I created a set of ink drawing of the portraits. My project now is to print all my drawings in a large format, and then to paste these portraits back in the streets in Madrid, Athens, Tunis, New York and Oakland, which are the places where the protest movements started. I will go in the streets where the demonstrations took place and I will paste 3 series of 10 posters in each city.




In each place, I will meet and interview some of the protesters to get to ask them if they were any changes compared to the situation 3 years ago, and I will film my work.


Then I will make a 10 minutes documentary and I will post it on Youtube to make it available to everyone.


My objective is also to pay tribute to the people in general who participated in these movements and to show that each one of us, on our own level, can participate in society and make changes happen.


You will be able to follow this project on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter. I will communicate as much as possible on this project on social networks, which also are places where those movements have spread.




I need your support to realize this project.


With your help, I would like to translate in English, Arabic, Greek and Spanish all poster captions, to print them, to go on-site, to interview some of the protesters and to make a documentary on this project.


In return for your support, I offer some pieces of my work that would enable you to keep record of this project and the movements it pays tribute to. That would be through one portrait of a protester printed on a postcard or on a poster, a reproduction on art paper or the original drawings framed and signed.


You can have a look at the portraits here




Many thanks to all of you!

Waar dient de collecte voor

- Film production and interviews 29.5%

- Flights to Madrid, Athens, Tunis, New-York and Oakland 18.9%

- Kisskissbankbank rewards 15%

- Kisskissbankbank commission 8%

- Posters printing. I will paste 30 posters for each city which is 150 posters in total 6.9%

- Translation in English, Arabic, Greek and Spanish of each poster caption 4.4%

- Food 3.2%

- Communication abroad 2.7%

- Urban transport 2.2 %

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