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Marie Pagoulatos

Press redactor,

Children book Author



Emmanuel Toullat (TrezeTreze) Graphic design / Illustrator


Ally this time in the creation of a bilingual (english / french) Magazine

And present to you


Magazine is a 44 pages of "dark" & "cute"  art and stories
Its first issue is to be released on July / August 2019


Sorciere will show art from artists around the world


From any kind of visual arts to ready-made,

We will show the artists we love in a praising way, no rating or debating direction of the wind,

Only full pages of High quality "Dark" & "Cute" Arts Prints



"Did you read a true story, or a story that was true ?"

Urban legends are inspired by true stories, we do believe truth is often beyond fiction, even more in a time of "fake news", Readers will help us define where we put the line between reality and fiction,

You will be able to interact a lot with each part of the magazine, to vote if a story you read was true or not...


Are you prepared to be interviewed ?

It will also contain interviews, and interaction between the reader the artists through some questions that everyone can answer, among the few questions we asked to everyone, in all seriousness

"Does your name have a special meaning?

"Do you sleep well ?

"Have any ability or superpower ?"

So, We hope you are ready for the reaal big questions


So don't miss "Sorcière", it could be the start of a long love story !

Waar dient de collecte voor

We do aim at a very good quality magazine in terms of printing, 

Part of the budget will go to the printing of the magazine itself, a first batch of 150 ex will cost us 200 € to print, meaning  around 1,33€ / ex

Then the cost varies upon the shipment, if any

For shipment, each ex will cost us 2,16€ to ship to france, and more for an international shipping,

for example : let's hope we can sell 100 ex with shipment, this would cost us 216 € to deliver the magazine through postal service.(and this would be for france alone)

So we did consider this in the final price of the magazine,

But since it's the Launching, We can throw a 100€ in it, and would estimate the goal reached at 250€

So anything above goal will be useful for printing and dispatching the magazine, and will help as well for further issues


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