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Hi everybody! 

Here we are !!!!! After several concerts and residences, we are almost ready to finalise our CD. Texts and compositions by Guillaume Nectoux, arrangements with 4 other musicians and friends. We like to describe our music as experimental Chanson Françaises, bohemian and militant, with loads of musical influences.

We need you to materialize it:

-To burn the first 500 CD

-To make a video (already started)

-And above all to start the next CD recording 

We count on you to make our dreams come true! And as we are decent people, there will be thrilling gifts!

-Our eternal gratitude

-our CD and on platforms like Deezer, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud…

-Truly smart posters

-And for the most generous an hour on a “special” chat line with the group member of your choice.

We hope to meet you as soon as the lockdown is over for one of our concerts, here and there, with new songs, and as usual a neat music and topics dear to us.

Musically yours


Waar dient de collecte voor

So far we did everything by ourself, with the inherent joys and complications. It took us a year and a half to get our first EP ready for mastering and burning. 

We are already preparing the second EP and we would like to release it beginning of 2021. If we get a bit of money we’ll be able to hire a sound engineer.

In order to be more visible and also for pleasure we would like to release a video and get the service of a small team for filming and editing. It will deepen our creation process. 

A second EP and a professional video will help us to gain credibility to access concert halls and residence places as well as recording studios.

As much as I can be fond of the homemade side, fundraising will help us to grow professionally, to widely broadcast and share more quality music.

So if you are enough to quickly donate 10 or 20 Euros against a CD, we’ll be able to launch our next recording session, and an to shoot an awesome video.


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