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soul surf project Bali

Hello, we are soul surf project Bali




Soul surf project project Bali aims to help Balinese orphans (Indonesia) by getting them out of their daily lives.

We live only through donations, thank you!


The association currently has 5 members: Rodney (the chairman), Made (the manager), Yogi (the swimming instructor), Manon (C.M.) and Louis (prospecting officer).



This association helps orphans on several points:

- by teaching them basics on the environment

- by teaching them to surf

- by teaching them how to swim


Soul surf project Bali believes education is the key to a sustainable future for the Balinese orphans the foundation supports.


Surfing educates children in environmental learning, while providing them with an ecological awareness, to promote a healthy lifestyle.


These activities allow them to get out of their daily lives and make them aware of the ecological concerns of the island.



For most Europeans, Bali is a paradise island, but the other side of the scenery is different. There are currently 150 orphanages in Bali.

Poverty is real. Soul surf project Bali Foundation was created to combat this poverty.




Our partner who teaches surfing lessons to children is the leader in his field, the Rip Curl School of









We are partner with other foundations to help disadvantaged childrens :








The second goal of the association is to fight the captivity of marine animals.

Thus, we cooperate with the foundation :






If we exceed our target, we will reinvest the funds within the association to benefit our activities for more children !










Find our other partners on the foundation's website :

Waar dient de collecte voor

This collection aims to offer new lycras * to children so that they can surf.


Unfortunately, the lycras that the children currently wear are old, and worn ...



                                                       1 LYCRA = 15 euros 





Our association soul surf project Bali will collect the entire collection.


In the case of surplus donations, these funds will be used to finance equipment for children.





* A lycra is an elastic fiber t-shirt used for surfing to protect children from the sun and contact between the skin and the surfboard.

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